Other Common Ingredients Used across Asia

Nuts are popular in Asia, eaten plain as snacks or mashed into porridge and sauces. In Malaysia and Indonesia, satays (peanut-based sauces) flavor chicken and beef dishes. The Chinese bake almond cookies and make rice cream with almonds or hazelnuts. Steamed cakes with almonds or maca-damias are also common, and rice puddings with fruit, raisins, almonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts are popular desserts in India. Both East and Southeast Asia boast stir-fry dishes with peanuts, while India flavors its rice with lemon and peanuts.

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A healthy serving of rice is the centerpiece of this modern Japanese bento box. Though they differ in many ways, most Asian cultures share a dependence on rice. [Courtesy of Corinne Trang. Reproduced by permission.]

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