Nutrition Screening Initiative

Elderly individuals are at increased risk for problems that affect their nutritional status. The nationwide Nutrition Screening Initiative (NSI) categorizes these problems as those affecting functional, social, or financial status and access to food and drink. These problems can affect quality of life and the

Elderly people face unique nutritional challenges. Although age can diminish appetite and physical mobility, the body still requires as many nutrients as a younger adult's. [Photograph by Owen Franken. Corbis. Reproduced by permission.]

ability to perform activities of daily living, including eating. The DETER- DETERMINE: checklist used to identify

MINE checklist is the NSI tool used by physicians, registered dietitians, nutritionally at-risk individuals other health care providers and social service agencies to assess the impact of various dietary, medical, or physical and social problems:

Disease Eating poorly Tooth loss/mouth pain Economic hardship Reduced social contact Multiple medications Involuntary weight loss/gain Needs assistance in self care Elder years above age 80

Recognizing the risk posed by these factors can result in interventions to improve the quality of life and the ability to perform activities of daily living.

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