Jamaica, 1:110 Japan diet, 1:53-54 food-borne illness, 2:118 life expectancy, 2:28 organic foods, 2:115 postmenopausal symptoms, 2:208 stomach cancer, 1:88 Japanese Americans, diet of, 1:50 Jefferson, Thomas, 2:79 Jejunum, 1:170 Jerk meat, 1:108, 109 Jewish food practices, 1:259, 2:176,

177-178, 178i Job sharing, defined, 1:77 Johnson, Howard, 2:14-16, 2:15 Joint Centre for Bioethics,

University of Toronto, 1:67, 68 Joint United Nations Programme on

HIV/AIDS, 1:280 Judaism. See Jewish food practices Juices, as functional food, 1:2421, 243 Junk food defined, 2:191 in schools, 2:191, 192

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