Fat Substitutes

nutrient: dietary substance necessary for health essential fatty acids: particular molecules made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that the human body must have but cannot make itself vitamin: necessary complex nutrient used to aid enzymes or other metabolic processes in the cell energy: technically, the ability to perform work; the content of a substance that allows it to be useful as a fuel hormone: molecules produced by one set of cells that influence the function of another set of cells

Since the late 1980s, fat-free and reduced-fat foods have become widely available. While not all new products survive the competitive marketplace, thousands of new reduced-fat and fat-free products have been introduced each year since 1990.

In part, these new reduced-fat food products are the result of consumer demand. But they are also a response to public health concerns and initiatives. In 1990, Healthy People 2000 asked food manufacturers to double the availability of reduced-fat food products by the year 2000, a goal that was easily met.

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