Careers in Dietetics

nutrition: the maintenance of health through proper eating, or the study of same clinical: related to hospitals, clinics, and patient care diet: the total daily food intake, or the types of foods eaten

The science and profession of nutrition and dietetics is based on the application of foods and nutrition to promote health and treat disease. Most dietitians and nutritionists work in clinical, community, public health, or food service settings. Others work as consultants or researchers, in the food industry, in university, worksite, medical school, home health, or fitness center settings. Some persons work for world or regional health organizations. At least a bachelor's degree in dietetics, foods, and nutrition is needed to practice as a dietitian or a nutritionist. Dietetic technicians need an associate's degree.

Herbal Healing For Everyone

Herbal Healing For Everyone

Disease isn't complicated it's really very easy and the application of good sense techniques may defeat any disease. All microbes and viruses are weak and may be defeated easily with cleaning and nutrition.

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