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Nutrition and Well-Being A to Z is a two-volume set that provides timely information on the personal, cultural, and global issues that affect (or have an impact on) health and nutritional status. Users will find detailed coverage of topics covered in general nutrition, food science, and personal and family courses. This encyclopedia explains fundamental concepts such as amino acids, cutting-edge ideas such as functional foods, social issues such as food insecurity, and political issues such as bioterrorism.

The set was also designed to meet consumer needs. Users will be able to spot a quack health-care provider, discriminate between reliable and unreliable health claims, as well as understand the role of government in keeping food safe. The set also profiles individuals who have made a social, historical, or scientific impact on health, nutrition, and food trends. Most entries are written from a global perspective, and dietary patterns from different regions of the world are discussed. Many professional health organizations are described.

The information in Nutrition and Well-Being A to Z is clearly presented and easy to find. Professionals in the field of nutrition, dietetics, food science, agriculture, medicine, health education, and public health wrote with the student in mind. Students and teachers can use the set to reinforce classroom topics on food, nutrition, and health, and to expand discussions on special or new topics. The extensive use of illustrations enhances the learning of the material. Entries are arranged alphabetically and an extensive cross-referencing system encourages the user to further explore other entries. All topics in a volume can be found in the index at the back of the book.

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