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Why are buffet-type restaurants so harmful for the weight watcher?

  1. Name a healthy low-fat meal at a Chinese restaurant
  2. Name a healthy low-fat meal at a Mexican restaurant.
  3. Pizza can be part of a low-fat meal plan. True or false
  4. What is an acceptable portion of steak at a steak house?
  5. What does "broiled dry" mean?
  6. Fast food entrees should be no more than_ grams of fat to be part of a healthy low-fat diet.
  7. Name 4 healthy choices at a fast food restaurant. a b.
  1. A McDonald's hamburger can be part of a low-fat meal plan. True or False
  2. A Taco Bell taco salad is a healthy choice for lunch. True or False


Completing this manual is your first step to healthier eating and exercise habits. Losing weight and maintaining your weight loss can be a difficult challenge that requires constant vigilance, commitment, and frequent self-evaluation. You may have slips from time to time, yet recognizing these and getting back on your program are half the battle.

The chapters and appendix of this manual contain valuable information that you may use often throughout your Navy career. Refer to it regularly. If you are married, you may want to share the information in this manual with your spouse or other family members. Although healthier eating habits begin with you, your family may benefit from additional nutrition guidance. If you are single, share the information on eating in the general mess, and eating away from home with friends or shipmates.

If you need additional assistance with the information presented in this manual, speak with your CFC. For specific nutritional guidance, contact your local Navy Dietitian at the nearest Naval Hospital. Good luck and healthy eating!


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