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This eBook shows you how to build a health, fluoride-free water intake, safe in your own home. There are so many better ways to drink your water to make sure that it is pure and safe to drink. This guide teaches you how to get rid of fluoride, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical drugs out of your water and make both you and your family healthier. This teaches you the time-tested Mother Nature Method of water purification, which only requires a tree branch and a few items you can find around your house. You will also learn how to remove fluoride from you water, using only common household items. You will learn how to completely and safely purify water with only a plastic bottle and the power of the sun. There are more options available than simple using powerful chemicals in your water. There are far better ways to ensure that you stay healthy, and this book teaches you how to be naturally clean.

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Things They Never Told

Bastiat's analysis describes perfectly the sinister history of water fluoridation, an economic event masquerading as a public health campaign that involved, and still involves, enormous amounts of money and powerful political influence and uncountable tragic side effects. No one in any position of real power has ever dared to clash with these powerful forces. I can only hope this book will begin to change that. Most of us never give a second thought to the safety issues of how fluoride is added to our drinking water. As with so much, we just leave it up to the experts. Few of us are even aware that numerous communities across the nation shut down their fluoridation equipment at the turn of the millennium because officials were afraid the equipment might fail, allowing dangerous fluoride overflows into drinking water. I ask if it could happen during Y2K, why shouldn't we be concerned that it could happen at anytime After all, this equipment must operate, usually by computer, all the...

Other Effects of Fluoride

Because of the problem of fluoride accumulation in our environment, serious multiple organ disorders are likely to begin occurring soon throughout the population. For instance, there is compelling evidence that the thyroid accumulates fluoride from the environment. In a study of fluoride concentrations in various human organs, Yiamouyiannis reported that the thyroid gland contained 4 ppm of fluoride after prolonged exposure.144 Also, in a chart in which he compares thyroid fluoride concentrations of human body tissues before and after water fluoridation programs were instituted in the 1940s, he found that no organ contained more than 0.68 ppm fluoride before 1940. This change represents a drastic accumulation of this toxic substance in our population, caused purely by the fluoridation program. Further, only the kidney, at 2.3 ppm, came anywhere close to the thyroid gland in its ability to accumulate fluoride. For the globalist seeking to control world population, water fluoridation...

Fluoride and the Brain

The concentration of fluoride used in this phase of the experiment was comparable to that already seen in some parts of the country, and as the amount of fluoride increases in our environment due to widespread water fluoridation and contamination of foods, these levels will be increasingly more common. For example, humans ingesting drinking water containing 5-10 ppm fluoride will have similar blood fluoride levels as the animals used in these experiments. Plasma fluoride levels of 1.44 ppm, a level almost six times higher than the toxic levels seen in these experiments, have been found in children treated with fluoride gels in dentists' offices.138 To prevent local supplies from altering a soda's standardized taste, most water used in soft drinks is normally filtered of all impurities or is manufactured using distilled water. Ironically, the Coca-Cola Company bottles and sells water (under the name Dasani) purified by the reverse osmosis method, which removes fluoride from water, but...

Protective Measures

Fluoride is so caustic that it will damage the reverse osmosis filter within a few months, and it must be changed regularly to maintain the purity of your water. Foods cooked in water will also require fluoride-free water. As I stated previously, concentrations of fluoride increase as fluoridated water evaporates, and because it is so reactive, fluoride clings tenaciously to the vegetables or pasta being cooked. At that point, it becomes impossible to remove.