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Highly Recommended

The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

Purchasing this ebook was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

What Does Tissue Mean and Do the Tissues Throughout Our Body Work as a Team

Humans are truly a complex array of organs and other tissues designed to support the basic functions and vitality of our body. We are able to process inhaled air and ingested food and regulate body content. We selectively take what we need from the external environment and eliminate what we do not need. We think, move about, and reproduce. Many of these operations occur without us even being aware of them (see Tables 2.2 and 2.3). One other term we should be familiar with is tissue. Quite simply, tissue is composed of similar or cooperating cells performing similar or cooperative tasks. These cells may be grouped together to form fascinating tissues such as bone, skin, muscle, nerves, and blood.

How To Get Your Moneys Worth From These Books

You should not merely read these books and put them aside. I am your coach, and this book constitutes an active conversation between two people. between you, who wants to have dynamite vitality, strength, and health. and me, who has presented certain crucial information that will enable you to achieve this goal.

Cells Are Little Life Units What Are Cells

The term cell implies the concept of separation. Each cell has the ability to function on its own. In living things composed of numerous cells, such as humans, individual cells are also sensitive and responsive to what is going on in the organism as a whole. Therefore, these cells survive as independent living units and also cooperatively participate in the vitality of the organism to which they belong.

Maintenance Amino Acid Requirements

Response to stimuli such as feeding level, disease or exercise. When an animal does not absorb sufficient nutrients, it cannot maintain the physiological processes required for optimal health and vitality although its metabolism is adapting. In the case of amino acids, the rate of amino acid oxidation will decrease and a reduction in urinary urea output is observed when the inclusion of protein in the diet is reduced. Lowering the dietary protein level below the point where the animal has reached its lowest amino acid oxidation rate will result in loss of labile body protein stores. Depending on the extent of the dietary 'shortage', body protein breakdown will exceed body protein synthesis, as the first-limiting dietary amino acid will be used for vital physiological functions within the body. As body protein synthesis is impaired due to the shortage of one amino acid, the non-limiting amino acids from dietary and endogenous origin (through body protein breakdown) will be oxidized...

What Are Acids and Bases

At which it can function appropriately. As noted on the scale in Figure 1.9, the pH of our blood is about 7.4. This means that the pH of our body is slightly basic. If the pH falls below or above 7.4 these conditions are referred to as acidosis and alkalosis, respectively. Nearly all chemical reactions in our body are controlled by enzymes, most of which function in our best interest at a pH around 7.4. Thus, when our pH falls or climbs, the efficiency of many enzymes is significantly affected. Some enzymes will work harder and others will work less hard, thus impacting key chemical reactions in our body. This can compromise normal function and possibly our vitality.

Introduction By Brice Lalonde

We now know, as this book also confirms, that a great number of illnesses can be prevented by a more ecological way of life. By eating better, we can in particular prevent cardio-vascular disease (which kills one in two people at an early age in developed countries), as well as certain allergies and forms of cancer. The basic rules of daily environmentalism should be taught to children from their youngest age. A more ecological diet would contribute to solving the problem of the increasing cost of social security and public health expenses. The question of health is often mentioned in political discussions in terms of health care benefits (all patients should have access to medical care and be properly cared for), but another approach is possible, in terms of prevention and helping people be responsible about their health by instructing them a healthy lifestyle. We are in fact responsible for our health, as it is the result of our way of life and of eating, sleeping, smoking, and...

Food Selection Guidelines

It is a challenge to devise an eating plan which applies to everyone and which does not become outdated as we continue to understand more fully the dietary aspects essential to our health and well-being. Food preferences and calorie needs vary from one individual to the next, but the Food Pyramid does serve as a reminder that we must keep nutrient requirements in mind as we plan meals and purchase food. We are eating not only to satisfy hunger and taste, but to provide the nutrition essential for health and vitality. Eating adequately of grains and protein is generally not a concern. The two most common reasons why many people may fall short of meeting nutrient needs is that they do not eat a wide enough variety of foods and they do not eat enough fruit and vegetables,

Relation With Living Nature

Are grown, nature is largely replaced by culture. A smaller part of the rollback follows from the indirect effects of agriculture. For instance, to exploit new soy-growing areas in Brazil, rivers must be adapted to allow for the navigation of cargo, which, in turn, will affect river ecosystems.29 Also, the use of pesticides in agriculture tends to have substantial effects on non-target organisms.1 Another example concerns nitrogen fluxes that are generated by intensive animal husbandry and may have a strong impact on adjacent wild areas. Soils might be acidified or eutrophied (well fed). Eutrophication is likely to result in the loss of species diversity.30 In European areas with a temperate climate, one often finds that the proliferation of brambles, stinging nettles, and grasses are favored by large nitrogen or phosphate fluxes. Following large additions of nitrogen compounds, heathlands with calluna (low shrubs such as heather) have been invaded by grasses such as Deschampsia and...

What I Learned From the Yaqui Medicine

I once met a Yaqui Indian medicine man of the same race and ethnicity as Don Juan from the Carlos Castaneda books. He was a robust man who radiated an extraordinary vitality, grace, and simple gusto for life. I believe he was 82 years young when I met him. But his age was unguessable to anyone who did not know. He looked in some ways as if he were 10 years old he had many of the features of a young boy. I looked at his hands closely and noticed no wrinkles and no liver spots.

Lesson The Power of Association

They will try to gain energy from whomever they can. They draw the energy out of others. Since their energy is low, and they do not know how to create it on their own, they will try to take it from those around them. These are the people who steal your most valuable asset your vital life energy You know who they are. They are always ready to criticize rather than compliment. They are full of subtle verbal abuse and softly negative comments. They constantly try to keep you indebted to them. When they go into their routine, turn away. Disassociate from these people. The power to walk away from negative people is the best gift you can give yourself.

Ayurveda Traditional Oriental Medicine Macrobiotics

The Earth is flat paradigm only allowed human understanding to proceed to a certain level, and no further. In the same way, diet systems such as ayurveda (from India), traditional Chinese medicine (and its macrobiotic offshoot) only allow human health to proceed to a certain level, and no further. The ancient systems have been dulled down over many thousands of years and no longer contain real vitality the purpose of these systems was to help the average person reach good health. The purpose of The Sunfood Diet Success System is to help an average person become an extraordinary human being who experiences superior health, who encounters the highest forms of life, and who unlocks dormant powers. New distinctions have now surpassed the old system paradigms.

About this Book

A quote by a famous fourteenth-century physician describes the role of Chinese nutrition within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctors first have to find the cause for an illness and determine which disharmony prevails. To balance this disharmony, the first and foremost measure is appropriate diet. It is not until this measure bears no results that one should use medicines. Chinese nutritional therapy is closely related to acupuncture and medicinal plant medicine and follows the same diagnostic principles. It focuses on the qualitative effects of foods on the body. The term qi, which has many meanings in Chinese, including life force or life energy, is of vital significance in this context. Health is an expression of balanced qi disease occurs when qi is unbalanced. The body extracts and absorbs qi from food. Foods, therefore, are mild therapeutic agents that help the body stay balanced, or bring it back into balance. Food classification follows the same criteria used for Chinese...

Mind Detox

Ask yourself if you are holding onto resentment, anger, guilt, shame or blame. These emotions are toxic to your soul and drain away your precious life energy. This drain is thought to eventually manifest in your body as physical symptoms or disease, or as depression. Hold the intention to resolve old issues, seeking professional help if needed, so that you can redirect your energy into fulfilling and joyful pursuits. Unresolved issues from your past can hold you back from growing as a person as every choice you make, and your attitude to your life, are affected deeply by them. Resolve to forgive yourself and others for choices and hurts gone by. Your health - emotional and physical -will improve dramatically when you live each day with optimism, courage, trust, faith and joy.


Societal influences also contribute to this illness. Increasingly, Westernized culture portrays thinness as a coveted physical ideal associated with happiness, vitality, and well-being, while obesity is perceived as unhealthy and unattractive. This has encouraged a growing sentiment of body dissatisfaction, particularly among young women. Endless images of unrealistically thin models and actors in all forms of media further promote body dissatisfaction one of the strongest risk factors for the development of disordered eating.


Your appearance will undergo a radical transformation. Your hair will be thicker and wilder. Facial lines may fade or even disappear. A chalky complexion will dissipate. The bone structure of your face may alter. You will be filled with a youthful vigor. You may appear younger and have people comment on this. You will radiate health and vitality. This entire change of your physiology will stand as proof that extraordinary transformations are possible. When one radiates health and vitality, one no longer draws on the vitality of other humans, animals, and plants. This is due to one's increased energy which diffuses from areas of greater concentration to areas of lesser concentration. As energy diffuses it also creates a magnetism which manifests itself, in the form of charisma. A clean body is charismatic.

The Nature of Food

All living things on this planet require nourishment to fuel and support vital operations. For instance, plants get water, minerals and nitrogen from the soil and produce their own carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Meanwhile, animals consume other forms of life, such as plants and animals or their products, in order to survive. For humans, we consume animals and their products (for example, milk, eggs) and or plants and their products (fruits, vegetables, cereal grains). Even eating some forms of microbes (or microorganisms) such as yeast and some bacteria can help us survive and promote vitality. Humans exist at the upper end of the food chain, meaning that a large variety of life-forms are food to us, but we are not regular food for other life-forms. Plants, on the other hand, maintain a position at the other end of the food chain as they are food for many life-forms, including insects, fish, and mammals.

About the book

Our detox program isn't a weight-loss 'diet', although if you follow our guidelines excess weight is bound to be shed without you even thinking about it. More importantly, it is a chance to give your body a rest from potential allergens and toxins so that it can regain balance, good health and vitality.

Stop Thinking

So, you have a private talk with yourself. And this talk is probably dripping with pessimism. Where am I going to find the answer to super health and vitality Who can I talk to to build a strong, healthy body How can I sift through all the information out there to determine who's right and who's wrong

Wild Fruit

If you have to pay twice as much or more for organic food, do it It is an investment in yourself (which always comes back multiplied). Organic food has more vitality, minerals, and value that commercial food. In my experience it is totally worth paying even three to four times as much money for organic food.


At the gym I also got my first look at some of the top European bodybuilders, including Mr. Italy Listening to their conversation, I noticed they focused a great deal of attention on nutrition. Training alone doesn't make you a good bodybuilder, they kept saying The right food is just as important for building strong and healthy muscles Intuitively, I knew they were on the right track, but more than gut feelings caused me to follow their lead. Proof was before my eyes every time one of the top bodybuilders came into the gym and I compared him with others who were training. Not only were their bodies outstanding, but their vitality seemed to stem from some deep source within.

Colon Hydrotherapy

The primary goal of colon hydrotherapy is to remove encrusted mucus (which feeds parasites and poisons the system) from the colon wall. The secondary goal is to allow the liver to flush and release. The first time I ever had a colonic done, at the very end of the session, my liver released a yellow fluid (a standard colon hydrotherapy displays a clear tube which allows one to see exactly what is being eliminated from the colon). I felt a jump in vitality immediately. I later intuitively concluded that what was released was beer residue of some type, because I could never drink a beer again after that moment.


Large Iridology Chart

To illustrate, let's make a comparison to the varying degrees of texture found in textiles i.e., that of fine silk, cotton weave, coarse burlap or cheesecloth. The closeness of the fibers and their uniformity indicates a constitutional strength. A person with these characteristics rarely gets ill, is able to recover quickly and responds rapidly to proper treatment. The more irregular and open-spaced the fiber structure is, the more weakness is indicated in that body. Maintaining a high health level is more difficult for this body and greater awareness of those forces and practices that enhance vitality is needed, vitality is needed.

Cooked Food

People on a standard cooked-food diet go through life in a weakened condition with their vitality much below par, but they are not aware of this because they have never known anything different. They have no reason to believe their vitality and health are not what they should be. They cannot miss what they never had. People are falling day by day to weaker levels, while believing they are attaining a high standard of living. Eating cooked and processed foods makes one groggy, affects moods, lowers one's level of awareness, and interferes with the body's optimal vitality. A poor diet results in toxic residues that have a long-range effect on longevity.

Yin and Yang

Nutrition Symbol

Qi, life energy The concept and meaning of qi is only partially translatable into Western languages. Hindus and Yogis use the term prana to reflect similar ideas about all-permeating life energy. The ancient Greek term pneuma describes a similar concept. Coursing vital qi, as an energetic unit, is an essential element in the various treatment modalities of TCM, such as acupuncture, moxibustion, dietetics, medicinal herb therapy, and qi gong. Imbalances of qi can take the form of vacuity or repletion. The term vacuity comes from the Chinese xu (vacuous, empty, lacking, weak). Its opposite is repletion, which comes from the Chinese shi. Vacuity and repletion can be present in varying degrees, from slight to complete (see Glossary, p. 251, for more details). Acupuncturists will use needles to modulate strength and speed of qi flowing in the channels and to disperse stagnation. Qi vacuity can be balanced with foods rich in qi, or by strengthening a weakened body with Chinese medicinal...

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