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As and NO Boosters

There are no studies published to date using blends of orally ingested AAs for boosting NO with the goal of enhancing exercise-induced results. A form of ARG (ARG alpha-ketoglutarate, or AAKG) appears to be the only AA used in commercially available products claiming to boost NO production. A two-part unpublished study was conducted by Campbell et al.254 to discover if 12 g day of AAKG for 8 weeks had any significant effects on muscle mass and performance in 30- to 35-year-old weight-trained males.255 Body composition results showed no differences between placebo and supplemented groups in fat free mass or body fat. No differences were found in total work or power between groups, but the supplemented group had a significantly greater 1RM bench press, sprint peak power, rate to fatigue, and hemoglobin level (hemoglobin was slightly increased in the AAKG group). These results were achieved without negatively impacting measured health markers such as blood pressure. As noted in Section...

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A stronger epidemiological technique is to look for relationships over time. However, nationally representative data on obesity prevalence is reported only sporadically, such that frequently only two or three time points exist and this makes any assessment of trends very tenuous. Alternatively, as for the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in the USA, they span several years and so cannot be matched with per capita consumption data (1). Table 11.1(a) does show a trend of increasing per capita consumption of chocolate products (56) and prevalence of over-weight and obesity for Australian women but far less so for men (84), and similar relationships for UK men and women (8587). Table 11.1(b) illustrates the changes in obesity prevalence across the Scottish MONICA (MONItoring trends and determinants in CArdiovascular disease) surveys and the percentage who reported frequent (more than three per week) chocolate confectionery consumption (88, 89 and Bolton-Smith,...

Other nutritional changes Antinutrients

The health benefits of phenolic acids and flavonoids are being actively studied today. Potato peels free phenolics, primarily chlorogenic acid, were reduced by extrusion (unpublished data, Camire and Dougherty), with improved retention at higher barrel temperature and feed moisture. Blueberry and grape anthocyanins were significantly reduced by extrusion and by ascorbic acid in sweetened corn breakfast cereals (Chaovanalikit, 1999).

Phytochemical Diversity And Associated Biological Activities

The alkamides (isobutylamides) (Figure 2.2) and related polyacetylenes are fatty-acid derived molecules with unsaturated double and triple bond systems and are distributed in roots and flowers. E. angustifolia roots are an especially rich source of these compounds. The isobutylamides are the taste-tingling components of Echinacea that have analgesic properties and provide relief for sore throat symptoms. The isolated alkamides are also known to be mammalian lipoxygenase (LOX) and cyclo-oxygenase (COX) inhibitors (Muller-Jakic et al., 1994) which confer an anti-inflammatory activity. New research from our group has shown that lipophilic extracts of Echinacea containing isobutylamides and polyacetylenes are toxic to a variety of pathogenic fungi, including multidrug-resistant Candida spp. (Binns et al., 2000). This activity is enhanced by light and is relevant to traditional uses for treatments of sores and wounds and modern uses of Echinacea as a topical agent. Further studies by J....

Implications Of Shortterm Studies For Longterm Adaptations

If the acute response of muscle to exercise and nutrient intake is to be deemed representative of long-term changes, the response of NBAL before and after resistance exercise training must be constant. In other words, changes in the acute response over a period of training and dietary manipulation would mean that measurement of the acute response before training could not be extrapolated to estimate the entire response to training. In a recent study, we determined the acute response of NBAL to resistance exercise during ingestion of EAA in untrained volunteers before and after a period of resistance training (Tipton et al., unpublished results). The response of NBAL to resistance exercise and EAA was similar before and after 16 weeks of training consistent with the notion that extrapolation of results from the acute study could be used to determine the use of amino acids from protein ingestion over longer periods. Similarly, Phillips and colleagues 12 reported that the anabolic...

Studies Relating Very Low Meat Intake To Longevity

In this section, the current published evidence from prospective cohort studies in which meat intake was related to all-cause mortality is critiqued and reviewed. Previously unpublished data from California Seventh-Day Adventists, a cohort with a high prevalence of people following meatless diets, have also been included. The data from both cohort studies allowed the following previously unpublished analyses Fraser96 recently reported that, among Californian Seventh-Day Adventists, vegetarians were substantially more likely to have never smoked cigarettes or used alcohol, and to have no prevalent chronic disease. To account for potential confounding by these factors, ever-smokers, alcohol users, and subjects with history of coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer were excluded from the previously unpublished analysis of Seventh-Day Adventists given in this chapter.

Spirulina Production Nature To Nurture

The productivity of these natural ecosystems has not been studied to any great extent. However, there have been some studies looking into photosynthetic productivity22 (Belay, unpublished). On the basis of these studies some of these soda lakes are among the most productive natural systems. The photosynthetic productivity reported for these lakes is the highest ever recorded for any natural systems and are comparable to those observed in some waste treatment ponds or mass culture facilities. The values of 43-57 g m-2 d-1 recorded by Talling for Lake Arenguadie in Ethiopia are among the highest ever recorded for natural systems. Comparable values have also been recorded recently for this same lake (Belay, unpublished). The high productivity of these soda lakes is a result of (a) high algal contents in the euphotic zone, (b) high photosynthetic capacity favored by high temperature, and (c) a surplus of dissolved inorganic phosphate and an especially huge reserve of CO2. Maximal...

Fourth Edition Nancy Clark Ms Rd Cssd

ISBN-10 0-7360-7415-5 (print) ISBN-13 978-0-7360-7415-5 (print) ISBN-10 0-7360-8086-4 (Adobe PDF) ISBN-13 978-0-7360-8086-6 (Adobe PDF) ISBN-10 0-7360-7877-0 (Mobipocket) ISBN-13 978-0-7360-7877-1 (Mobipocket) ISBN-10 0-7360-7878-9 (Kindle) ISBN-13 978-0-7360-7878-8 (Kindle)

Regulatory Status Of Spirulina Gras Generally Recognized as Safe Status

Cyanotech Corporation of Hawaii and Earthrise Nutritionals LLC of California are the only Spirulina producers in the world that have determined their Spirulina as GRAS through scientific procedures and FDA review. GRAS is an acronym for the phrase Generally Recognized As Safe. Under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, any substance that is intentionally added to food is a food additive that is subject to premarket review and approval by FDA, unless the substance is generally recognized, among qualified experts, as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use, or unless the use of the substance is otherwise excluded from the definition of a food additive. Under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Act, and FDA's implementing regulations in 21 CFR 170.3 and 21 CFR 170.30, the use of a food substance may be GRAS either through scientific procedures or, for a substance used in food before 1958, through experience based on...

Maternal Anemia and Maternal Mortality

Anemic Pregnant Female Pakistan

Previously, severe anemia alone was considered to be associated with an increased risk of maternal mortality 13, 14 , and the population attributable risk was strong for severe but not moderate anemia (Table 21.1) 14 . Severe anemia (normally defined as hemoglobin Hb 70 g l) can result in circulatory decompensation and increased cardiac output at rest. The added stress of labor and blood loss, whether normal or excessive, can lead to circulatory shock and death. In most settings, however, the prevalence of mild-to-moderate anemia (70-110 g l) tends to be much higher than that of severe anemia 15 . Recently data from nine studies were examined to determine the relationship between Hb concentration and case fatality (Figs. 21.1, 21.2) (R.J. Stoltzfus and L. Mullany, unpublished data) for estimating the global burden of disease linking iron deficiency to disability and death 16 . Hb data collected in these studies when plotted by the observed proportion of maternal

Role of Glutamine in the Pathogenesis of Type Diabetes

Since glutamine appears to act to promote lymphocyte activity, it has been proposed that increased availability of glutamine could play a role in the patho-genesis of some autoimmune conditions, such as type 1 diabetes (Wu et al., 1991). Indeed, the administration of the anti-glutamine-utilization drug acivicin delayed or stopped the progression of the disease in diabetes-prone rats (Misra et al., 1996). Addition of the glutaminase inhibitor 6-diazo-5-oxo-norleucine to macrophages before exposure to rat pancreatic p cells in vitro virtually abolished the lytic capacity of the macrophage towards the target p cells (Murphy and Newsholme, 1999). The glutamine concentration in the plasma of moderately ketoacidotic diabetics at diagnosis is significantly elevated compared with that of age- and sex-matched normal control individuals (P Newsholme, unpublished observations), adding further weight to the argument that this amino acid is important to the pathogenic process.

Improvement Of Echinacea Quality

Wild populations of Echinacea provide further scope for genetic improvement. Our greenhouse investigations of E. angustifolia populations grown from seed collected at nine locations on the Great Plains showed a latitudinal variation in the amounts of several phytochemical markers (Binns unpublished). Echinacoside, for example, increases significantly with latitude, while several alkamides decrease as latitude increases.

Amino Acid Antagonisms

Chicks and, in addition, serum urea concentrations exceeded control values. Lysine supplementation aggravated the effects on growth and on food intake and utilization. In contrast, arginine supplementation enhanced weight gain and food intake. These results support the existence of a canavanine-arginine antagonism analogous to that between lysine and arginine. Similarities exist in several respects. Thus in both antagonisms, arginine requirements and urea excretion are enhanced, although the relative proportions of this additional urea arising from canavanine and arginine remain to be established. The failure of supplementary arginine to substantially reduce circulating levels of the respective antagonists is a feature common to both interactions. Creatine supplementation markedly improved the effi-of dry matter and N utilization in chicks fed JB (D'Mello et al., 1990). It is noteworthy that Austic and Nesheim (1972) also reported improvements in food utilization efficiency with...

Suggestive evidence of oral tolerance in humans

Such a mechanism has been suggested in untreated coeliac-disease patients whose circulating T-cells show a decreased response to gluten compared with treated patients on a gluten-free diet (Scott et al., 1983). Nevertheless, feeding humans with KLH was recently repeated with parallel systemically immunized controls, and mucosally-induced T-cell tolerance was indeed confirmed in peripheral blood (Mayer et al., 2001, and their unpublished observations). Also notably, feeding low doses of myelin basic protein to patients with multiple sclerosis resulted in a higher frequency of circulating T-cells with a potency for production of the down-regulatory cytokine TGF-p, compared with T-cells from placebo-fed patients (Fukaura et al., 1996).

Exercise Training Effects on Fasting Plasma Glucose

Fasting glucose1142 and HbA1c43 are significantly improved with exercise training. Unfortunately, none of these studies had a control group. Additionally, there are many exercise-training studies in normal individuals where no decrease in fasting glucose is observed, presumably because these individuals already have normal and healthy fasting glucose levels44 (unpublished observations).

Types of dtc genetic tests on the market

In an analysis of 24 DTC genetic testing companies, Geransar and Einsiedel (2008) examined the companies' target markets (tests marketed to consumers only or health professionals and consumers both), company policies regarding involvement of physicians in the testing process (the consumer's physician or a physician associated with the company, or no involvement) and company policies regarding genetic counseling (counseling in person, via telephone or other means, consumer's physician responsible for referral to genetic counselor, referral to contracted counselor, or no requirement for genetic counseling). They also examined the types of information on company websites about the genetic condition(s) for which tests are sold (e.g. information about disease symptoms, prevention, treatment) and cited sources of information (e.g. peer-reviewed studies, unpublished company studies, professional organizations). Companies that sell nutrigenetic tests were less likely to require physician...

Vitamin C Blocks Carcinogenic Tumor Formation

Cell-to-cell communication through gap junction channels is essential for maintaining the homeostatic balance via the modulation of cell proliferation and differentiation in multicellular organisms.68 Inhibition of cell-to-cell communication is strongly related to carcinogenicity, particularly to tumor promotion.17,20 Hydrogen peroxide, a well-known tumor promoter, also inhibits GJIC.38 We reported previously that vitamin C prevented the inhibition of GJIC by hydrogen peroxide.69 It also protected hyperphosphorylation of connexin 43 protein (Cx43), a protein that regulates GJIC in rat liver epithelial cells. We also found that sustained production of hydrogen peroxide by phenazine methosulfate (PMS) inhibited GJIC in rat liver epithelial cells. The inhibition of GJIC by PMS involved hyperphosphorylation of Cx43 through activation of ERK1 2 (unpublished observation). Vitamin C prevented inhibition of GJIC, hyperphosphorylation of Cx43, and activation of ERK1 2 induced by PMS. In...

Amino acid biosynthesis

Effect of peptide concentration on the GDH activity of Prevotella bryantii, Selenomonas ruminantium and Streptococcus bovisP. (Atasoglu and Wallace, unpublished data.) Table 15.2. Effect of peptide concentration on the GDH activity of Prevotella bryantii, Selenomonas ruminantium and Streptococcus bovisP. (Atasoglu and Wallace, unpublished data.)

Antioxidantsyour Ace Against Oxygen Rebels

However, you will recall that body processes are not random. According to Dr. Milton G. Crane, researcher at Weimar Institute, Oxidation is meant to occur in a controlled sequence and in a specific setting within the cell chemistry. For oxygen to work in the body, nutrients need to be obtained from the plant products in such a way that they will not be oxidized or burned up at the wrong time or in the wrong place. *79 Dr. Crane uses the analogy that just as it is possible to kindle a fire anywhere in your home to stay warm, a wood stove or fireplace is your best option for keeping the fire contained, controlled, and unable to do damage. Oxidation that is not controlled results in free or toxic radicals. It was reported in Executive Health, October 1993, that the discovery of free radicals is as important to human health as Louis Pasteur's discovery of germs.

As as NO Boosters

Proper dosing of L-ARG may increase the production of NO, increasing blood flow to the muscles, certainly in the presence of vascular disease. Unpublished data and anecdotal reports appear to support a potential application for acute increases in strength. Nothing is known regarding long-term use, but short-term use (less than 8 weeks) appears to be safe. Although current popular use by strength athletes requires further study, a common practice is to take 4 g of L-ARG three times daily during the final 3-week period leading up to and including competition day.


There is the possibility of protecting peptides physically as there is for the protection of protein and amino acids (see below). Chemical protection, by N-terminal acylation, is also effective (Wallace, 1992b Wallace et al., 1998 Witt et al., 1998) because peptides are broken down by rumen microbial aminopepti-dases. In terms of enzyme inhibition, the two steps of peptide hydrolysis can be considered separately. The breakdown of oligopeptides, catalysed mainly by dipeptidyl peptidases of Prevotella spp. (Wallace and McKain, 1991 McKain et al., 1992) can be inhibited by a variety of structural-analogue inhibitors, including benserazide, GlyPhe-diazomethyl-ketone, Ala2-chloromethylketone and diprotin A (H.R. Wang, N. McKain, N.D. Walker and R.J. Wallace, unpublished). Dipeptidase activity is strongly cation-dependent, and is sensitive to metal-ion chelators such as 1,10-phenanthroline (Wallace and McKain, 1996 Wallace et al., 1996). Both of these groups of peptidase inhibitors inhibit...

ARE HMPs Effective

But there are other problems, e.g., publication bias. We know that negative trials tend to remain unpublished (Easterbrook et al., 1991). Thus, the published evidence can be biased toward a false positive conclusion. In our systematic reviews (Table 1.1) we invariably minimized this flaw by inviting manufacturers to contribute unpublished material. Sadly, no one can force them to do so, and we, therefore, can never be entirely sure whether all existing evidence has been included.

Dietary Assessment

The 45 food groups and or items listed in the questionnaire covered all common foods consumed in Shanghai before the mid-1980s. The food frequency questionnaires were subsequently validated by a series of 24-hour dietary recall interviews conducted in a randomly chosen subgroup (n 432) of cohort subjects during April and May 1992 (unpublished data). The data from this 24-hour dietary recall substudy were also used to construct standard portion weights for each of the food items listed in the frequency questionnaire. Specifically, the median weight of all recorded servings was taken as the standard portion weight. Daily nutritive and non-nutritive intakes per subject were computed using the Singapore Food Composition Table11 that provides nutrient values of raw and cooked foods commonly consumed by Chinese, including those in Shanghai.

Amino Acid Infusion

Some recent studies have compared providing a mixture of all 20 amino acids with EAAs only. Tipton et al. found that 40 g of mixed amino acids did not differ from 40 g of EAA in their ability to promote muscle PS after exercise.35 Unpublished data discussed by both Drs. Robert Wolfe and Michael Rennie examined whether nonessential amino acids (NEAAs) are needed to increase muscle PS at rest. Muscle PS was measured in subjects given 30 g of a balanced mixture of EAAs and NEAAs


(1) Different strains with different antibiotic sensitivity may colonize the same patient. Sensitivity to amoxicillin, clarithromycin and nitroimidazoles is one of the key factors in the eradication rates. Unpublished data collected by the EPTFHP showed metronida-zole, clarithromycin or double resistance before the first therapy in 24.5 , 20 and 7 , respectively, of 400 H. pylori-infected children aged under 15 years.

Days of Treatment

Apo Trail Dr4 Apoptosis

Hydrolysis of a-TOS cannot always explain its selectivity. For example, a-TOS is highly toxic to mesothelioma cells but not to nonmalignant mesothelial cells.4150 However, in this case, the resistant cells do not hydrolyze a-TOS. It is possible that the selectivity is given here by the resistance of the nonmalignant cells to oxidative stress. It has been published that a-TOS provokes generation of ROS in cancer cells.51-53 We observed that mesothelioma cells generated ROS as a fast response to a-TOS while nonmalignant mesothelial cells showed very little ROS accumulation (J. Neuzil, unpublished data). It is possible that anti-oxidant enzymes are more expressed in nonmalignant cells, whereby affording protection from ROS-induced apoptosis. In support of this, it has been published that cells depleted of their mtDNA are resistant to apoptosis,51 53 54 and a recent paper showed that a reason for this was adaptive upregulation of the mitochondrial superoxide dismutase.55 It remains to be...

Rumen fungi

Recently, a nutritional study using 15N-NH3 was undertaken with two predominant species of rumen fungi, Piromyces communis and Neocallimastix frontalis, to determine the influence of nitrogen source and concentration on de novo synthesis of amino acids (C. Atasoglu and R.J. Wallace, unpublished data). The proportions of cell-N and amino acids formed de novo from ammonia decreased as the concentration of peptides

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