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GABA is a good therapy medicine for sleeplessness . Sleeplessness caused by stress and strain is a common sickness in modern society. In addition, aging may decrease the quality of sleep and lead to sleep deprivation . Sleeplessness is associated with changing the sleep electroencephalogram (EEG) and endocrine activity. The effects of sleeplessness are spending more time awake, having less slow-wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement (REM) during sleep,38 and having low growth hormone secretion39 and hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) system activity.40

Using seven young male and seven elderly subjects, the effects of 40 hr sleep deprivation on sleep EEG and the secretion of growth hormone, cortisol, and prolactin were studied.41 The results indicated that SWS was less in the elderly than in the young . Total sleep deprivation (TSD) decreased sleep onset latency, REM density, and, by trend, REM latency in the elderly. The use of GABA-benzodiaz-epine can improve sleeplessness and nighttime hormone secretion for TSD patients The GABA receptor is one of the calcium receptors induced from tranquilizers, and it inhibits nerve activity by GABA Therefore, GABA may improve sleeplessness, including discontinuing sleep, cycling sleep, and HPA system activity.42-44

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