Transition Guidelines

  1. Control and direct your thoughts. The more you think about yourself as you could be, rather than as you perceive you are, the more excited you will become about increasing your health. You will begin to see yourself as a radiant being. You will be convinced you can do it. One day you will succeed in performing something you previously thought of as quite impossible to accomplish. You may not even notice this extraordinary deed. But as you keep on performing impossible acts, or as impossible things keep on happening, you become aware that a sort of power is emerging.
  2. What you do must be a product of your own conclusions. At some point on this dietary journey, you are going to have to have faith. Faith in the restoring power of natural foods. Faith in yourself and your own good judgment. No degree of success is possible without some degree of trust in our intuition and the unknown. This was laid out in Napoleon Hill's book Think And Grow Rich. In fact, he dedicated a whole chapter to faith, and I present you a lesson on faith as well.
  3. Guard your mind against the negative influences of other people. Critically think through the free advice. Anything acquired without effort and without cost is generally not helpful. Seed out and listen to those who are getting the results you desire
  4. Transition smoothly away from the meat-based diet as calmly and as quickly as possible. People often first let go of red meat, then pork, then chicken, then fish. This pattern works extremely well. Replace meat with avocados, nuts, and seeds. By transitioning from a cooked-meat diet to a vegetarian diet, happier feelings, more vigorous health experiences, and positive emotions will arise more often.
  5. Transition smoothly away from dairy foods by first letting go of eggs and milk, and then cheese. Move to raw organic milk or cheese if you feel it is necessary in transition. Replace dairy foods with green-leafed vegetables for calcium and avocados, nuts, and/or seeds for their excellent raw plant-fat content.
  6. Continue to eat a large percentage of raw plant foods throughout your transition. Once you have let go of animal foods and have adopted a vegan diet, then you may find the transition to all raw foods easier.
  7. The body feels a shake up and discomfort with a sudden change in diet. Counselors who have worked with drug addicts know that it can be dangerous to stop a drug habit too abruptly. The body can be shocked by being deprived of a certain poison, such as cocaine, especially when this drug's constant use ahs forced the body to adapt itself to the poison. A drug can actually become a physiological necessity one must wean away from. This same principle holds true with cooked food. Transition at your own pace, but continue moving forward. To be successful, in anything you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Push the bounds of your potential. All successful people have this in common. You may realize your comfort zone was never really comfortable! Stabilize at 70% raw, then 80%, then 90%. A 100% raw plant-food diet is the real magic.
  8. The ultimate diet and health success formula "Increase raw, decrease cooked." It works every time.
  9. Take massive raw-foods action. Start consistently putting significant amounts of high-quality raw plant foods into your body instead of cooked food. Just get the raw food into your body and everything else follows. Invest in a juicer. Drinking fresh vegetable juice daily (about 1/2 liter or more) is extremely important in the transition process and beyond. Drink slowly; mix the juice well with your saliva before swallowing. Drinking fresh vegetable juice allows minerals to reach the blood and tissues quickly. Contact Nature's First Law to find out how to obtain the highest-quality juicers in the world:
Weight Loss New Years Resolution Success

Weight Loss New Years Resolution Success

Sure you haven’t tried this program before but you no doubt aren’t a stranger to the dieting merry go-round that has been plaguing your life up to this point.

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