To Alleviate Stress or Anxiety

Juice: 5 leaves of kale 1/2 head of green cabbage 1/2 head of loose-leafed lettuce

Process all ingredients through a juicer. Drink 30 minutes before an event that has you nervous. If stress and anxiety is persistent, drink on juice in the morning, and one in the evening. Kale, green cabbage, and loose-leafed lettuces together provide a sodium-potassium balance which keeps us centered. Also, these three contain an abundance of alkaline minerals, especially calcium -which has a calming effect on the body. Lettuces have a soporific quality and can even induce sleep when taken in large quantities.

Or. Breathing:

Oxygen is a food. Stress and anxiety are associated with shallow breathing. Relieve stress by taking 10 deep breaths in the ratio of 1:4:2 as described in Lesson 22: Breathing (Pranayama), Action Steps.

Eliminating Stress and Anxiety From Your Life

Eliminating Stress and Anxiety From Your Life

It seems like you hear it all the time from nearly every one you know I'm SO stressed out!? Pressures abound in this world today. Those pressures cause stress and anxiety, and often we are ill-equipped to deal with those stressors that trigger anxiety and other feelings that can make us sick. Literally, sick.

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