The Two Selves

In his wonderful book, The Mastery Key to Riches, Napoleon Hill describes that every human being has two sides, two separate entities, two counterparts which become operative at birth. One is a negative sort of person who thinks and moves and lives in an atmosphere of doubt, fear, poverty, and ill health. This negative self expects failure and is seldom disappointed. It dwells on poverty, greed, superstition, fear, doubt, worry, and physical sickness. The "other self" is a positive sort of person who thinks in dynamic, affirmative terms of wealth, sound health, love and friendship, personal achievement, creative vision, service to others, and who guides one unerringly to the attainment of those blessings.

I wonder if Napoleon Hill every realized that these two mental selves have their physical equivalent? They have their physical basis in the foods we eat.

The average diet today consists of large amounts of animals (meat) and/or seeds (grains or rice), both of which are high in phosphorus and other acid-forming minerals. An overabundance of acid-forming minerals eventually causes an acid condition throughout the body, contributing to anxiety, edginess, irritability, and worry - all these are emotions associated with the "negative self."

Cooked animals and seeds leave residues behind which are difficult for the body to metabolize and detoxify. By eliminating these cooked foods, and increasing your intake of green-leafed vegetables and alkaline fruits (figs, oranges, papayas, etc.), you eliminate the physical basis for the "negative self."

After you detoxify your body; when you become a raw-foodist; when at last you reach the point of maximum weight loss; when your body has emptied itself of all toxins...that is when your outward appearance will alter. You will literally push out your old persona (your false body) and, as it is purged, you will momentarily take on that appearance. Some have called it: "the alternating faces of detoxification." It is one of the most stunning revelations one can experience. After that you will be a transformed person.

Detoxification and Weight Loss

Detoxification and Weight Loss

Detoxification is something that is very important to the body, but it is something that isn't understood well. Centuries ago, health masters in the East understood the importance of balancing and detoxifying the body. It's something that Western medicine is only beginning to understand.

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