The Physiology Of Detoxification

In a world given to superstition we must always get back to basic simple concepts.

Over a lifetime of eating cooked foods, the body gets "silted up." This silt consists of the residues of an improper breakdown of cooked food, the elements of which are spread throughout the body. These obstructions act as blockages in the electrical circuitry of the body.

Dr. C. Samual West, chemist and lymphologist, in his amazing book The Golden Seven Plus One describes that the primary obstruction in the body of the typical person is protein trapped in the intercellular fluid between the cells. He discovered that: "If the blood proteins cannot be removed from the spaces around the cells by the lymphatic system, they can cause our death within just a few hours."

The whole process of detoxification consists of removing these obstructions from the lymph fluid (intercellular fluid) and washing them out of the body. As your body is lightened of obstructions, your health will rise accordingly.

Within a few hours of eating food, the quality of the blood is changed. Dr. Michael Klaper, in his video, A Diet For All Reasons, shows an example of thick, heavy blood drawn from a person on the standard cooked meat and pasteurized milk diet. Surgeons know that the blood is almost immediately thickened by eating heavy foods, making it dangerous to operate, that is one of the main reasons why they will only operate after the patient has fasted on water for at least 8 hours. Eating raw plant food thins the blood, as does fasting.

The average person has approximately 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters) of blood. But each person has four times as much lymph fluid as blood. Your lymph fluid bathes every cell. Because the blood feeds and draws waste from the lymph fluid directly, the process of detoxification begins as soon as the blood is thinner than the lymph fluid, allowing trapped toxicity in the lymph to diffuse back into the blood to be detoxified. The principle of diffusion states that things move from areas of greater concentration to areas of lesser concentration.

Clean and light foods allow the blood to become clean and light, which in turn allows the lymph to become clean and light. Over a period of years (at least three) on The Sunfood Diet, as the body is purified, it will change from a solid, rigid, weakened condition to a comparatively elastic, fluid, and energetic state. Yoga, exercise, and massage speed up this process by stimulating the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.

As the lymph unburdens itself of undigested proteins, toxins, chemicals, and other undesirables, the substances flow into the blood. Instantly a poison may be all over the circulatory system before it is filtered out as waste. This is why some may have sudden cold or hot flashes, fevers, diarrhea, rashes, desires for poor foods, tastes of old medicines, mucus discharges, and other symptoms, while detoxifying. These physical eliminations also carry with them emotional releases, such as anxiety, depression, and other imbalances. These are good signs, you want those poisonous substances and emotions out of your body. Don't worry about the, embrace them as part of the process. Other detoxification symptoms may include: bad breath, coughs, cold symptoms, drowsiness, headaches, momentary aches, nausea, unclear thinking, and/or weight loss.

While detoxifying, the body makes use of all its eliminative organs: the bowels, mouth, sinuses, skin, and kidneys, thus releases will occur in those areas. The urine, in general, is an excellent reflection of the blood; urine is purified blood. Turbidity in the urine is indicative of toxicity being released from the blood. Clear urine is a sign that the blood is clean at that moment.

Remember, as soon as anything cooked enters your mouth, detoxification stops immediately. Symptoms of detoxification will clear up almost instantly upon eating cooked food, as the blood is thickened and the lymph's waste elimination halted. If you feel you are detoxifying to rapidly, you may want to introduce heavier foods to slow the detox process down. Eating lightly cooked foods or steamed vegetables will slow detoxification. Eating more young coconut, avocados, nuts and seeds with green-leafed vegetables will thicken the blood to a degree that slows detoxification; this will allow you to remain on the raw diet, but also to comfortably detoxify.

During the detoxification, blood pressure may increase as thick, soupy, materials pass out of the lymph into the blood. This will pass over time on a natural diet as the lymph and blood unburden themselves and normalize. An elevated blood pressure is caused by obstructions in the blood vessels (cooked fat, cooked protein, chemicals), an increased thickness of the blood, and/or a constriction of the arteries due to stress, all of which cause the heart to work harder to push blood through the vessels. Nutritionally, the blood pressure can be quickly decreased by adding garlic bulbs and onions into the diet. These foods help thin the blood so as to lower blood pressure.

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