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The longevity of the biblical patriarchs is legendary.

One of the most startling discoveries I came across by suggestion of my friend Steve Adler was the "Bible Code" concept. It has been discovered that the first five books of the Bible, commonly known as the Torah, are encoded. What is interesting for us is the dietary law laid down in Genesis 1:29 - herbs and fruits. By analyzing Genesis 1:29 after understanding the Bible Code it was discovered that it contains, in code, the seed-bearing plants which existed in the Garden of Eden. The seven seed-bearing plants embedded in this verse are: barleygreen, wheat (grass), vine (grapes), dates, olives, figs, and pomegranates. The three food classes are there. For more on this fascinating subject, please see Cracking The Bible Code by Dr. Jeffry Satinover.

Consider how the Bible Code discovery mirrors the 8 most important bioactive fruits of the ancient Essenes: grape (vine), dates, olives, figs, pomegranates, apricots, carob, and small yellow apples. The Essenes are a religious group originally based in the Dead Sea region of Israel. They are historically known for the raw-vegetarian dietary philosophy, well-developed wisdom, and remarkable longevity. The Essenes are still around today - at the moment, the worldwide Essene Church is headed by raw-foodist Reverend David Owen (see Organizations at the end of this book).

The ancient Britons, according to Plutarch, only began to grow old at 210. Their food consisted almost exclusively of acorns, berries, and water. The ancient Greeks of the pre-heroic age lived on oranges and olives. We know from the food triangle I have deduced that wild green-leafy foods were included as well. The fat is there, as well as the fruit, and the green leaves. They all must be there.

Again we see such longevity in the Bulgarians, who are the longest-lived people in present-day Europe. They often reach ages exceeding 105 and even up to 125. Their simple diet consists of fruits (sugar, vegetables (chlorophyll), and sour milk or buttermilk (fat). They are a thin people typically weighing between 122 and 130 pounds (56 and 59 kilograms). This again goes to show the truth that the less weight you carry the longer you live - we have yet to discover an obese centenarian.

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