My experience and research has revealed that the best seeds are those which contain the highest ratio of fat to protein (the highest fat and the least protein). A good edible seed should contain no more protein than 2 parts fat to 1 part protein (2:1 ratio). These include flax, pumpkin, sesame (tahini), sunflower, and especially young coconut (a coconut is actually a seed).

The seeds of grains and legumes (which are seed foods) are protein-dominant, not fat-dominant. I recommend against excessive protein-dominant seeds. Proteins are harsh on the body, fats are soft on the body.

Grains (especially hybridized, weak seeds) are less than excellent foods for humans. They do not metabolize cleanly, especially when cooked. Raw or cooked grains, such as oats, rice, and wheatberries, may leave a gummy residue behind that will clog up the tiny lymph and blood vessels if overeaten over a long period of time.

If grains are eaten, the best grains are quinoa and millet, which should be sprouted. They have a higher ratio of fat to protein than other grains, although they are still protein-dominant. Quinoa and millet are also closer to the wild state.

Raw legume sprouts, such as mung beans, kidney beans, lentils, and soy beans, can drain the body of water. If legumes are eaten, the best legumes are chickpeas and peanuts (if uncontaminated with fungus). Chickpeas should be sprouted. Peanuts should be soaked until plump before eating. Both chickpeas and peanuts have a higher ratio of fat to protein than other legumes, but chickpeas are still protein-dominant. Soy beans have a high ratio of fat to protein (1:2) so they are one of the better legumes, even if cooked. However, they are such hybridized foods (so far out of the natural wild state) that I do not endorse them or products made from them (soy milk, soy cheese, soy burgers, etc.).

All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets can be great way to not only lose weight but also led a much healthier, natural lifestyle in general. Most raw food diets are plant based with at least 75% of the diet composed of raw food.

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