The yield, strength, and mineral content of raw plant foods - whether they are commercial, organic, or wild - is improved by remineralization. Remineralization is the process of loading the soil with crushed and pulverized rocks which restore the full spectrum of mineral elements. The soil microbes, earthworms, and plant roots are directly nourished by an abundance of soil minerals.

The research is in with soil expert and 22+ year 100% raw-foodist Don Weaver. Don Weaver has demonstrated conclusively in the book, The Survival Of Civilization, which he co-authored with John Hamaker, that plants and trees depend far more on the soil and its mineral content than they depend on climate to produce high quality leaves and fruits.

Insects always infest trees and other plants (as pathogens invade people) which are weakened by malnutrition and no longer have resistance to their natural enemies. The hybridized commercial crops grown today in weak demineralized soils are heavily sprayed with pesticides to keep the insects from overrunning the whole show.

John Hamaker writes:

"This question of the proper feeding of the soil is the crux of the whole food situation, for if the soil starves so does the plant and so do we. We cannot have healthy human beings without healthy food crops, and these depend entirely upon the healthy feeding of the soil."

"High yields depend on loading the soil with both a large surface area of available minerals and organic matter."

"Examine a stone, other than limestone, in the soil. Crack it open. Under a very drab demineralized exterior 'skin' you will see the minerals. That skin represents the depth which the microorganisms have been able to penetrate the crystal structure of the stone."

When the rock is ground to dust, more "skin" is exposed to feed the soil microbes.

The best fertilizer for trees and plants is crushed rock. When rock is pulverized, exponentially more of its surface area is exposed and more minerals are available to the micro-organisms in the soil. In one pound (0.45 kg) of finely ground gravel you have about 10 acres (4 hectares) of surface area for the microorganisms to feed on.

The mineralized rock dust you mix in with your plant soil will eventually show up as a major difference in the size, taste quality, and texture of the food grown therefrom. Any rock dust mixture that will give good growth and is found locally is preferred.

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