Do you want to lead? Read.

Do you have a mind to feed? Read.

Read every chance, During each snippet of time. Choose a variety of Prose and Rhyme.

"The Secrets of the Ages Are found on written pages."

Five years hence, You'll be the same as now, Except for the people you meet, And the books you browse.

Learn from those Who've gone before.

Find out how They opened the door.

Discovery wild stories,

Get a new feel. Don't spend your time, Reinventing the wheel.

Take notes on your books And write them all down.

The results you reap Will amaze and astound.

The answers to your questions Have already been found, They exist somewhere -Written down.

Read every page on your bookshelf, You'll laugh out loud And attract brilliant wealth. You'll cry without sound, And breathe in new health!

Words through your eyes,

Deeply impress; Transformed they become The thoughts you express.

Read an hour a' day, In the field you choose. With persistent action, You can't lose!

Everything you read Is a marvelous seed! Which explodes into fortunes And inspires great deeds.

I once had read, "Success leaves clues." So I asked a genius, "What do you do?" After much probing, the genius did say: "Well, I read three books a day."

There is a vast world To explore, If you'll just read -A little bit more!

Present Power

Present Power

Learning About Present Power Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success. Harnessing The Moment For Maximum Results. Consider our youngsters; they do not have a care in creation as they live for the moment. I question why we don't learn from youngsters instead of going between past tense and future tense.

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