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If humans are truly omnivorous, then, in the natural state (naked, with no tools or traps, and no fire), humans should be capable of, and enjoy, capturing and eating wild game and fish, worms and insects, eggs and honey. Such raw animal-food diets are promoted out there in the world. At the head office of Nature's First Law, those diets are called DUM (Dead Uncooked Meat). "Instinktive eating" is one such philosophy as promoted by a staunch evolutionist Frenchman named Guy Claude-Burger.

Eating raw animal flesh is better than cooked animal flesh for a time and people will feel better until the body begins to accumulate the unmitigated death energy (karma) of the animals, and then the trouble starts. I cringe when I receive e-mails from young people who are new to raw foods and have been convinced to eat raw animal flesh for strength and health. They have no idea of what they are getting into. I have seen people on raw animal-food diets over the long term and have seen lives destroyed by the negative energy of such foods. I have personally seen that eating raw-animal, especially as more than 5% of the diet, leads to major problems including: extreme anger, body odor, immobility, infertility, repeated illnesses, and rampant parasite infections.

Raw animal-food consumption seems to be associated with a poverty consciousness - a subconscious belief that lack and hardship is a law of life. Repeatedly thinking about demineralized food and deficiency is another facet of poverty mentality. Thoughts of lack create lack. Thoughts of abundance create abundance! Feelings of fear along with thoughts of lack, deficiency, and doubt lead to create a reality where those thoughts thrive - a raw animal-food diet.

A few people opt for raw-animal food because of food addiction and an unwillingness to detoxify. They want The Raw-Food Diet without detoxification, but do not understand that something for nothing disobeys the karmic law. They replace cooked-food stimulation with another kind - raw, dead-animal food. Eating raw flesh as food always leads to food obsession. I have seen this repeatedly. Typically, on the raw-animal diet, people become so unbalanced, confused, and filled with negative energy, they go back to cooked food (usually they have been eating it all along) to degrade the karmic energy of eating animal foods.

Those who stick with raw-animal foods long enough eventually break down. The case of Guy Claude-Burger's wife, Nicole, is instructive. From the Internet I downloaded the following:

"...there was a letter from Montrame which explained (their version) of the reasons and the course of events of Mrs. Burger's death. The letter explained that both Burgers acquired the habit of eating lots of meat during an experimental phase, after they and their friends discovered the beneficial effects of raw meats, particularly for people who suffered from cancers. After some time Mr. Burger developed one small cancer-like melanoma on his legs, which was removed by surgery. He stopped eating meat for some time, then. After some time, Mrs. Burger, who already was in menopause, did get her period again. The reason was cancer. But Mrs. Burger was addicted and couldn't break the habit of eating meat, she didn't believe in her husband's new theory that meat can also cause cancer. She ate it every day and after Orkos stopped delivering it to her, she ordered through other people.

One has to know, that she had lots of bad stress during that time. She worked a lot, regularly sleeping only 3 hours per day and her husband was in jail at that time, because of charges of working as a doctor without admission. (These were dropped much later). So Mrs. Burger became sicker and sicker and lost a lot of weight. And then she resorted to conventional medicine. She was treated with chemotherapy and artificial food for gaining weight, containing milk products. Probably caused by that she got pneumonia, from which she recovered when she started Instinkto again, but it was too late, she died some days later. This kind of addiction can happen with all kinds of natural foods, but especially easy with meat and other proteins."

Eating a meat-based diet, especially a raw-meat diet, leads also to parasitic infections and a "parasite consciousness." I was once talking to a long-term raw-foodist on the phone and he had a most insightful observation. He said to me, "David.parasites rule the Earth. They have infected the entire population and are bending it towards ever more chaotic dietary patterns so that their consciousness may dominate the world."

The mythology of the "wonderfully healthy meat-eating Eskimo" has been shattered in the past twenty years. The Eskimos have the highest suicide rate of any ethnic group on Earth. Typically, they suffer from such severe teeth problems that the pain eventually drives them to suicide.

Raw fish is not a safe choice. I have repeatedly shown how raw-fish diets lead to parasite-worm infections and/or mercury poisoning. This is because animals accumulate and concentrate toxicity from the environment and few places on Earth are entirely devoid of pollution. It is especially true with fish, as they live in and constantly filter impure water leaving toxins in their tissues. Because toxicity is channeled to the liver of animals, fish liver oil is likely to contain large doses of poisons. We must keep in mind that, either we filter out what we are allowing into our bodies, or we ourselves will become a filter.

Recently, a long-term raw animal-food eater from Hawaii, who was eating up to 5 pounds (2.2 kilograms) of fish a week, discovered he had a mercury level of 16, where 1.5 is considered a dangerously high level. If you or someone you know has eaten large quantities of fish, raw or cooked, please consider testing for mercury.

The truth is that flesh-eating is a bad habit. We appeared on this planet as a raw eater with a specific food design. We are not designed to eat raw animal foods and that is why these diets lead to trouble.

Does biting into raw fish with its slime, scales, and watching eye sound appetizing? Of course not. Does eating bugs out of a garden sound enticing? No way. No one has the propensity to go outside of their home at 3:00 am and chase a rabbit down, kill it, and chew it up with their teeth. Raw animal foods cannot be eaten naturally and that is truly the final settlement on the issue.

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