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Perhaps the biggest misconception in the field of nutrition is the confusion between fat and protein. When someone says: "I need protein," what they really need and want is fat. Most people and nutritionists cannot distinguish between the desire for fat and protein. Many raw-food advocates have recommended nuts for protein, when in reality, the value of nuts is in their fat. People can give up steak much easier than cheese, because steak is mostly protein whereas cheese is mostly fat.

Protein is what we are; it is the structure of our physical body and each one of our cells. The protein theory essentially states that you need flesh protein to build flesh protein. If that were true, then gorillas should have to eat flesh to develop their incredibly muscular 400+ pound (180 kg) bodies.

Imagine a newborn human baby doubling its body weight in several months on a diet of breast milk. Most breast milk is less than 2% protein and even the heavier "hind-milk" is only about 10% protein. Breast milk itself, is a fat-dominant food.

The construction of proteins actually occurs from the free amino acids available to the body. The body has to break down all protein (if it can) into its constituent parts, the amino acids, before the material can be utilized. Protein is nothing more or less than a collection of amino acids. The protein structure consists of amino acids strung together like grapes on a vine.

Most protein-dominant foods (animal muscle, sprouted grains/legumes), whether raw or cooked, create obstructions inside the human body.

Mushrooms are protein-dominant, but are not very concentrated, thus they create few obstructions. Mushrooms are a fungus, not a true Sunfood. They should be eaten in moderation. Many wild mushrooms are toxic, and some are even deadly. Wild mushrooms should be avoided unless one is highly skilled in their identification.

Green-leafed vegetables are the true body builders. They are our true "protein food." They contain all the amino acids we require. Real strength and building material comes from green-leafed vegetables where the amino acids are found. If we look at the gorilla, zebra, giraffe, hippo, rhino, or elephant we find they build their enormous musculature on green-leafy vegetation.

Is there enough protein available in the all-raw diet? Consider the following analysis of Day 3, Wednesday, of the All-Raw Menu (Spring/Summer) (Appendix B: The Sunfood Diet Weekly Guideline And Menu Plan):


Weight (lbs)

Mass (g)

Protein/100 g


5 apples

1.8 lbs.

810 g

0.2 g

1.6 g

20 pecans

0.12 lb.

60 g

7.8 g

4.7 g

25 macadamia nuts

0.18 lb.

80 g

8.3 g

6.6 g

3 cucumbers

1.2 lbs.

550 g

0.6 g

3.3 g

1 zucchini

0.35 lb.

160 g

1.2 g

1.9 g

2 oranges

0.80 lbs.

360 g

1.3 g

4.7 g


0.44 lb.

200 g

2.9 g

5.8 g

Lettuce (romaine)

0.44 lb.

200 g

1.6 g

3.2 g


0.44 lb.

200 g

1.7 g

3.4 g


0.44 lb.

200 g

3.3 g

6.6 g

Green cabbage

0.44 lb.

200 g

1.2 g

2.4 g

Total Protein:

49.2 g

The World Health Organization has established a minimum daily requirement of 32 grams of protein for a 150 pound (68 kg) male. Women require slightly less protein than men, except when pregnant (then they require slightly more than men).

To satisfy the powerful meat and dairy interests in the United States, the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) presents an inflated protein recommendation of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This is not a minimum daily requirement, but a "recommended" daily requirement that includes an added 30% "safety margin." Under the U.S. RDA, a 150 pound (68 kg) male is recommended to consume 54.4 g of protein per day.

As I have demonstrated, protein can be adequately supplied by raw plant foods. Animal protein is not necessary. The consumption of cooked animal protein has been statistically correlated with all the major diseases of civilization. As the cooked animal protein increases in the diet the rate of disease increases in a one-to-one correlation (for more on this see John Robbins' book Diet For A New America and Gary Null's book The Vegetarian Handbook). Most of the diseases of civilization are actually caused by animal-protein poisoning because protein-dominant animal foods are acid-forming and not natural foods for humans to consume. Fat-dominant plant foods are far more important.

I have had individuals walk into my office with sever liver and kidney damage caused by the high-protein diet. Seeing lives trashed by incorrect nutritional advice and fanciful theories sends the message home: Please, stop listening to anyone in any field who is not getting the results you desire.

Consider the words of Morris Krok in his book Diet, Health, And Living On Air.

"In the metabolism of fats, sugars, and starches, the waste which is left behind is carbon dioxide and water. This however is not the case with protein, which leaves as its end-products uric acid and urea, which, if retained in the system, are very harmful. Thus not only is protein not well utilized for bodily health, but it is also a potential danger to the health of the liver and kidneys, and because of this, is the greatest factor in acidifying the entire membranous tract."

Dr. C. Samuel West describes in his book The Golden Seven Plus One that the primary cause of disease is undigested protein trapped in the intercellular fluid between the cells.

Acid-forming, protein-dominant foods (protein foods which are not green) are outside of the essentials which comprise The Sunfood Triangle.

Although I recommend against them, if acid-forming protein-dominant foods (animal muscle, sprouted grains/legumes) are eaten, they should always be combined with green-leafed vegetables. The alkaline greens neutralize the acidity of the protein food. The fiber in greens helps push everything through the digestive system properly.

For the best health, I recommend that the diet contain proteins (amino acids) in the form of green foods, but that it should consist of few acid-forming, protein-dominant foods. The diet should never consist of more than 10% acid-forming protein-dominant foods by weight.

Plant or Animal Protein

Plant or Animal Protein

Sunfood Triangle

Fats: Sugars:

Fatty Fruits, Nuts Sweet Fruits

Coconuts, Seeds

The Sunfood Triangle And Protein The Center Point

Food, first and foremost, is a stimulant. We can do without one of these three classes of food for a time, if we eat very little and do not stimulate our body too far in one direction. If we go too far in one direction, then the other foods should be brought in to pull us back. For example, if you eat too much sugar, you need fat and chlorophyll to pull you back. If you eat too much chlorophyll, you need fat and sugar to center you.

Many new comers to raw foods and the Sunfood Diet tend to overeat dried fruit and nuts as a replacement for the heavier cooked foods. They are getting a strong dose of concentrated sugar and nut fat. These foods must be balanced by also overeating green-leafed vegetables, such as kale, or one will eventually be thrown off balance.

The least stimulating food on the human body is a low-sugar, high-water content, low-fat fruit, such as the cucumber.

Eating low-sugar, non-fatty fruits keeps us close to the center point. Non-sweet fruits are low stimulation foods. Some low-sugar fruits include:

Bell Pepper (not green) Breadfruit (raw) Cranberry Cucumber Dragon Fruit Grapefruit Jalapeno Pepper Lemon Lime Noni Okra Pumpkin Serrano Pepper Summer Squashes Tomatillo Tomato Zucchini

Fats: Sugars:

Fatty Fruits, Nuts Sweet Fruits

Coconuts, Seeds

The Sunfood Triangle: The Center Point Ratio Key: (ChlorophylI:Sugar:Fat)

Food definitely stimulates the body. You can demonstrate this on yourself, when you are tired, perhaps even sleepy, by eating any raw plant food and you will come wide awake. You may eat to stay awake if necessary.

Aside from eating a balance of foods, there are other ways we can become more centered. Deep breathing, exercise, laughter, sex, and yoga all help to return you to the center point.

Meditation returns one to the center point. I once spoke with a gentleman who had met and spoken in depth with Fred Hirsch, the publisher of Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System. This gentlemen described that Arnold Ehret's largely fruit diet was also accompanied by deep meditation, but this was purposely left out of the book, because meditation did not fit the western paradigm of mainstream thought. Meditation is greatly beneficial in centering the mind and body and facilitates the fulfillment of the fruit diet.

Chlorophyll: Green-Leafy Vegetables

Sunfood Triangle

Consider that Arnold Ehret's fruitarian diet consisted considerably of apples and raisins with occasional green-leafed vegetables. Back in his time (the beginning of the 20th century), the hybrid foods (such as seedless raisins) available today, did not exist. Arnold Ehret ate apples (sugar) with raisins with seeds (fat) and green-leafed vegetables, which covers the three classes. Real raisins with seeds are a totally incredible food, especially for those living in northerly climates where grapes grow wildly. Raisins can be stored and eaten all through winter.

Fasting also helps return us to the center point. Our spiritual powers are highest when fasting.

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