Every Sunfoodist grows through periods of eating large quantities of raw plant foods, especially during the transition and beyond. This is part of overcoming cooked-food cravings and releasing emotions. I recommend that you tune in to the aliesthetic taste change, progressively simplify your diet, face sunken emotions when they come up and enjoy the process of becoming healthier, happier, and more joyful.

My personal feeling is that occasionally overeating raw plant foods is okay! You still get the results and the spiritual connection. A gorilla might eat 60 pounds (27 kilograms) of fruits and vegetables a day! Considering that a gorilla weighs 3 times as much as the average person, we may deduce that eating 1/3 of a gorillas fare would not be overeating. 1/3 of 60 pounds is 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables! Nobody can eat 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of raw foods and vegetables every single day.

If you overeat one type of food, such as sweet fruit, remember The Sunfood Triangle: balance by eating more fats and green-leafed vegetables. Many new Sunfoodists overeat dried fruit and nuts; this is okay, as long as it is balanced by green-leafed vegetables (see The Sunfood Triangle). Also, it is better to overeat avocados than nuts, as avocados are more digestible.

Something to keep in mind: a raw-foodist once gave me a great piece of knowledge, he said, "Any food is addictive, if you eat too much of it." Switch your common foods around occasionally. Also, sometimes skip a meal and just drink water. Drinking water helps to alleviate hunger.

Eating more high-quality green-leafy vegetables and less sweet fruits stops you from overeating. This demonstrates that overeating is often caused more by a desire for minerals, and less by the desire for calories.

The best way to overcome the desire for eating is to be so busy striving for and achieving goals that no time is left to eat!

Enjoy your new diet. Once you feel capable, begin experimenting with eating less, until you feel comfortable with less food. Refine your diet with time - be patient. The saying goes: "Eat a little, that way, you'll be around long enough to eat a lot." Systematic undereating slows the aging process.

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