Organic Food

Let's begin the transition with organic food. Organic foods are not sprayed or grown with pesticides or fungicides. Pesticides and fungicides are chemicals specifically designed to kill living organisms. They should not be used on our pristine lands, put on our foods, or fed to our children.

Spend the extra money for organic food, you are worth it. That investment will come back to you multiplied a hundredfold. You will also be supporting the organic farmers and organic food distributors who need our financial assistance.

The famous 12-year Schuphan study tested the nutritional superiority of organically grown foods. Among other things, Schuphan found:

  1. Organic foods have far higher mineral and trace mineral contents, with the exception of sodium. Organic produce contains far more iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium than conventional crops. (Most studies of this type demonstrate that organic foods have 2 to 10 times the mineral content of conventional foods - you really do get more value for the money).
  2. Organic spinach contained 64-78% more vitamin C
  3. Organic savoy cabbage contained 76-91% more vitamin C.
  4. Organic crops had a dry weight (after dehydration) of 69-96% more than conventional crops, demonstrating a higher food-value content.

In 1993, Bob Smith, a trace minerals laboratory analyst, began a small experiment. For two years he visited stores in Chicago and purchased 4 to 15 samples of both organic and commercial produce. He brought these samples back to his laboratory and tested them for trace elements. His conclusions were as follows.

  1. Organically grown wheat had twice the calcium, four times more magnesium, five times more manganese, and thirteen times more selenium than the commercial wheat.
  2. Organically grown corn had twenty times more calcium and manganese, and two to five times more copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, and zinc.
  3. Organically grown potatoes had two or more times the boron, selenium, silicon, strontium, and sulfur, and 60% more zinc.
  4. Organically grown pears had two to nearly three times more chromium, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, and zinc.

Overall, organically-grown food exceeded commercial-grown crops significantly for twenty of the twenty-two beneficial trace minerals. Organic foods also had lower quantities of toxic trace elements, such as aluminum, lead, and mercury.

Pesticides are poison. According to data gathered from the Internet, the top 10 worst commercial fruits and vegetables based on lbs./acre or kg/hectare of pesticide used are:

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