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  1. Eat wild, home-grown, and/or organic food. Organic food is grown without pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, such as chemical fertilizers (see the section on Organic Food above). Eating pesticide-free food is extremely important for health.
  2. For the ideal digestion and assimilation of fruits, maintain a mono-diet (on fruit at a time) whenever comfortable. If you do eat more than one type of fruit, give yourself 30-60 minutes between fruit types. Fruits may be combined, but the mono-diet does provide the best digestion. The mono-diet is based on the realization that when you eat any fruit in its original state, its taste changes at some point from pleasant to unpleasant. This means that when the organism has filled its need for that particular food, it no longer wants any more and the taste of the food changes. Pineapple, for example, gives a very strong taste change and can actually burn the mouth if one continues to eat past the signal. This is called an aliesthetic taste change.
  3. For ideal digestion and assimilation, eat green-leafy vegetables with raw plant fats and eat raw plant fats with green-leafy vegetables
  4. Chew your food well (50 to 100 chews per mouthful). This is going to take some concentration. An East Indian proverb states: "Chew your food well for the stomach has no teeth." Another proverb states: Drink your food, chew your juice." Remember, the entire premise behind digestion is to turn the food into a liquid so it may be absorbed.
  5. Eating seasonal fruits and green-leafed vegetables is Nature's way of telling you what to eat and when. My health partner, Stephen Arlin, stresses this point greatly. His book Raw Power! Contains a comprehensive guide to seasonal produce availability.
  6. Eat fruits which contain good, strong, viable seeds. Eat fruits in their perfectly ripe stage. A perfectly ripe jalapeno pepper is red. A perfectly ripe lime is yellow. A perfectly ripe eggplant is yellow.
  7. Eat more sweet fruit if you are active. Eat more green-leafy vegetables if you are sedentary.
  8. Be aware that cooked-food cravings present themselves when you are tired (at the end of a long day). Be prepared. Go to sleep early if necessary. Drink a glass of pure water with a twist of fresh lemon. Persist, break the cravings, and soon the desire disappears.
  9. For ideal food use and assimilation: eat only when actual hunger exists. Avoid "emotional" or "boredom" eating.
  10. Exercise is the key to metabolizing food. Food is best metabolized when the desire is created for it through exercise. Exercise creates a "draw" for nutrients within the blood and lymph systems. To thrive on a raw-food diet, exercise is essential.
  11. Digestion is an art. Try eating while standing up. When you are sitting, your internal organs are pinched and digestion is hindered. Also, try fully squatting, instead of sitting, during a bowel movement elimination.
  12. Make a practice of eating the foods that digest well for you.
  13. Food itself is an anchor which accesses different emotional states. To break food addictions, identify which emotional state you are trying to reach and then discover a way to get there without food. Periods of food obsession will pass, just stay the course. Work through emotional addictions to food. You can do it.
  14. Have a relative, friend, spouse, or lover do The Sunfood Diet with you. Support each other.
  15. Get a job, career, or simply volunteer in either the diet, exercise, health, or success field! This will challenge you to walk your talk and keep pushing beyond former boundaries. It will bring you in contact with positive supportive people. Introduce this book to new, positive acquaintances to help them along.
  16. Consider donating all the cooked foods, pots, and pans in your home to charity. When you decide to make the "jump," go to the local organic food stores, farmer's markets, or farms and purchase a massive amount of raw plant food - get a good variety - and let the fun begin.
  17. Initially, experiment with the all-raw diet on a small scale. First go 100% raw for a day. Then extend that to a week, or a month. Set in advance a specific date and mark each successful day on a calendar. Understand that after you go 100% raw for 5-7 months straight, your body will resist any type of return to the previous cooked-food diet.
  18. What is the method by which your body returns to its natural state? It is the pain/pleasure principle. As your body becomes more and more in tune with itself, the pain/pleasure principle takes over. Raw plant foods eventually become so pleasurable that other choices are not longer possible.
  19. Meet other people excited about eating a raw plant-food diet. Hold regular raw-food potlucks. Place a raw-food potluck notice on the bulletin board of your local natural foods market.
  20. This book has been designed as a constant source of motivation. My desire is that the intensity of the emotion and the inspiration with which I live my life and which I have put into this book are passed along to you consistently. This book was created for you. Refer to it often. For support, reference our Internet web-site (http://www.rawfood.com) or email us ([email protected]). If you do not have a computer, Internet access is available at any public library.
  21. Educate yourself. Saturate your mind (see Lesson 25: Saturation Point). Read, listen to audio tapes, watch video tapes about natural, raw plant-food nutrition. Discuss the idea with others. What you think about, comes about. If you would like to read other books on eating raw plant foods, browse our on-line Internet catalog:
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