Nuts Seeds unsoaked

Almonds 26%

Brazil Nuts 15%

Coconut (young) 64%

Coconut (mature) 35%

Coconut water 92%

Macadamias 18%

Pine Nuts 15%

Sunflower Seeds 15%

Walnuts 25%

(Sources: Paul, A.A., Southgate, D.A.T., McCance And Widdowson's The Composition of Foods, 4 th Revised Edition, London: Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1978; and various other references)

Now I do not recommend that you break down every single daily menu as I have here to determine whether you are balancing chlorophyll, sugar, and fats properly! This example is simply to identify two simple relationships:

  1. A small portion of nuts and seeds balances against a large portion of fruits and vegetables, because nuts and seeds are low-water content foods. (If nuts are freshly picked, or soaked in water, they can be eaten in larger portions, as they will have about twice the water content as is listed in the chart above.)
  2. Green-leafed vegetables need to be eaten in significant quantities as they are actually high-water content foods.

The best path is always the simplest path. Balance the three classes in the easiest way possible, by intuition. If you feel low in greens, eat more. If you feel low in fat, eat more. If you feel you have overdone sugar, eat more fats and greens to balance. Just by knowing that these three classes are the essentials, you will have the tools to stay in balance.

Understand that if the quantities of one class are too low, one can go longer than a day, even for many days or weeks or months without requiring much of that food class - but eventually it will catch up. This helps us understand cravings. If one goes without sugar for several weeks, the desire can become great, and the body will grab for sugar however it can get it, raw (fruit) or even cooked (candy or cake). The same holds true for fat. If the body is deficient in fat, the craving will become overwhelming and one will grab for it, raw (avocados or nuts) or even cooked/pasteurized (cheese or ice cream).

Imbalances are caused by an excessive food stimulation away from the center of The Sunfood Triangle. Deficiencies can be caused by an excessive sugar stimulation which runs minerals out of the body. Frugal eating or fasting actually corrects deficiencies because it centers one on The Sunfood Triangle.

The fear of fruit (too much sugar), the fear of vegetables (too bitter), and the fear of fatty foods (too fattening) leaves on confused and with dietary health challenges. Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins provides a good metaphor for FEAR: False Evidence that Appears Real. Remember my earlier advice: Stop listening to anyone in any field who is not getting the results that you desire. By reading this lesson you have made this decision to dismiss any fears of fruits, green-leafed vegetables or fats.

Chlorophyll, sugar, and fat are the three classes of foods which comprise humanity's natural dietary character. The eater of sweet fruits becomes a Sun-worshipping, zesty, clean type. Those who eat green vegetation take on the stoic calmness of that food class. The eater of plant fats becomes a stolid, beautiful being.

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