Nail Biting

Nail biting is caused by an alkaline mineral deficiency and/or a parasitic infection. People typically bite their nails when nervous or stressed. This is an instinctive action to recycle the alkaline minerals (calcium) found in the nails into the body to neutralize the acids formed by stress.

Daily eating plenty of calcium-rich green-leafed vegetables, such as parsley or kale along with plenty of other alkaline plant foods, will help restore a mineral balance in the body. Plenty of garlic in the diet tends to flush parasites out.

Raw-foodist and health author R.C. Dini, a life-time chronic nail biter, completely reversed this condition by eating raw plant foods. He noticed a major shift after drinking a glass of parsley juice each day for two weeks. Results were also excellent after eating a bulb of elephant garlic every day with his salads for more than two months.

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