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The feeling of coldness when one begins a Sunfood Diet is typically caused by a thickening of the blood during detoxification episodes; this decreases circulation. It is also caused by an increased blood flow to the internal organs, which are finally given a chance to heal, and a corresponding decreased blood flow to the extremities.

As was demonstrated earlier in Lesson 1: The Principle of Life Transformation, life change comes from the inside out. This is also true with the internal structure of the body. The most vital, central organs heal and transform first (so the blood focuses there first). The musculature and the outer perimeter of the body are the last to heal.

After you persist through the transition and detox - through the feeling of coldness - you will discover that your resistance to both cold and hot weather will increase by eating raw plant foods.

A doe in the forest survives the harshest winters on a diet of simple grass. She has no cooking pot or stove.

Eating hot food can actually decrease your resistance to cold weather in the same way that a hot shower decreases your resistance to the cold. Just as the cold shower increases your resistance to cold weather, "cold" raw food also increases your resistance to cold weather.

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