Lesson Time Management Through Fasting

"Fasting is at once a journey near and yet so far. By undergoing one, more will be learnt from it than all the lands you visited or books you have read."

-- Morris Krok

Fasting (resting the body from food) is part of life. People fast every night when they go to sleep; this abstainment from food and liquid may last eight to ten hours or longer. Now if humans lived in a normal and natural way, each night's repose would be adequate, but because humans live so far away from the natural state, the nightly nocturnal fast is not sufficient to completely rest or purify the body.

Isn't it interesting that the major religions of the world teach the benefits of fasting? I find that fascinating!

The journey into fasting is about become a finely-tuned spiritual instrument. Fasting is mentioned as part of nearly every religion on Earth. Fasting on water is a spiritual practice. Undertaking a fast measures self-discipline and self-control. Fasting tests the will.

Fasting is nature's foundational law of all healing and revitalization. Nature's healing command is: "Don't eat, lie down, hide, be quite." Fasting seems to be a part of every answer. Are you confused? Fast. Feeling ill? Fast. Sick to your stomach? Fast. Those who can fast regularly know that not eating has a cleaning effect on all areas of the mind and body.

Fasting enables the body to start healing itself. The amazing thing about fasting is that it is Nature's supreme medicine. When one begins to fast, the elimination process is set in motion and the entire body commences a cleansing program. During a fast, the body can focus its enzyme power to autolyze (dissolve) tumorous formations and toxic residues.

While fasting, the blood things (recall Lesson 10: Detoxification where we learned how the quality of the blood is formed at the intestinal villi). This allows the thick mucus trapped in the lymph to diffuse out into the blood for elimination. This is the process of diffusion, elements move from areas of great concentration to areas of lesser concentration.

Roe Gallo, a fruitarian and natural healer, fasts the chronically ill on citrus juice until they are ready to transition onto a raw-food or fruit diet. She describes her experiences in her book Perfect Body. Roe has helped heal people of many types of illnesses, including cancer, by following this simple fasting procedure.

Orange, grapefruit, lime, and lemon juices dissolve toxicity, mucus, and excess calcite deposits so they may be washed out and eliminated. I recommend including the pith (the white inside of the rind) with your citrus juices, especially when fasting. The pith contains bioflavonoids, fiber, and calcium.

Case studies conducted by Natural Hygiene practitioners over this last century prove that the longer you fast, the more centered you become, the better you heal, the higher your intellectual activity, and the younger you appear. Digestive juices and enzymes are secreted by the pancreas when the stomach and duodenum are empty. These fluids travel into the intestinal tract, are absorbed by the intestinal villi, and then enter into the blood and lymph to digest undigested fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

When your body is clean and tuned up through fasting, you will experience a continuous flow of vibrant health, electric energy, and mental strength. This will enable you to perform at levels you never thought possible, time will slow down, but your brain will speed up. You will feel amazingly calm. Your consciousness will glow as ideas flow through you exactly when you need them.

Fasting is an art. One masters fasting by developing the ability to raise the functions of the body while the blood sugar is low.

If we are living with passion and with a purpose, then fasting is exciting, never boring.

Let us not lose sight of the truth: food is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The paradox of The Sunfood Diet is that food is not an issue! As long as the food is raw plant food, eat what you need for fuel and get on with accomplishing your goals! Be so busy accomplishing your goals that you don't spend any time even thinking about food. Use the secrets of diet and fasting to help you advance in life and business. Get more done in less time.

The best time to get tedious, organizational work done is during a fast. Time management is best accomplished through fasting. Eating food is a tremendous consumer of time.

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