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Now that we know we should be eating a diet rich in raw plant foods: What do we do? How do we do it? How do we make the transition? How do we stay balanced? These questions and others will be answered in this and following lessons.

Since my partners and I founded Nature's First Law in April 1995, I have become one of the world's foremost promoters of The Raw-Food Diet. I have spoken to thousands of interested people on the telephone, at seminars, via e-mail, on radio, on television, and during one-on-one consultations. I have coached people over many years of eating raw plant foods. My company distributes nearly every book ever written on raw-food vegetarian diets. Doing this type of work has brought me into contact with many people in North America, Europe, and other parts of the globe, who have been successful with The Raw-Food Diet in the long-term. I do not know of another person who has communicated with as many successful 100% raw-foodists as I have. I know where people have gone right with raw-vegetarian diets, and I know where they have gone wrong.

Knowledge, we know rests not upon truth alone, but also upon the understanding of error. Genesis 1:29 tells us to eat "herbs and fruits" but it does not tell us how much of each or which ones! I know where the gaps are in the knowledge; this book is designed to fill those gaps.

From studying both the successful and unsuccessful I have deducted a startling pattern which I have seen in every single person who is successful with a raw-vegetarian diet in the long-term. To me discovering this pattern was a revelation; it was like the Sun bursting through after 40 days of clouds and rain. This distinction improved my understanding of nutrition tremendously and tuned me up to an incredible level of health.

I discovered there are three essentials to The Raw-Food Diet (actually to any diet) or imbalances will occur. One can eat other foods, but these three elements must be there to achieve harmony. In every single long-term 100% raw-foodist I have encountered, I discovered the following dietary pattern:

  1. Green-leafy vegetables
  2. Sweet fruits
  3. Fatty foods

If one of these food classes is missing in the diet for a significant period of time (ranging from a few weeks to several months), imbalances will occur. In fact, I have never discovered any raw-foodist to have gone more than 2 years with one of these food classes missing.

Every 100% raw-foodist who follows this pattern, whom I have met, has attained an extraordinary level of health and clarity. As raw-foodists tend to be more in tune with their diet and how it influences each facet of health, and also tend to experiment more with the effects of raw foods on the body, we may conclude that the collective wisdom which has attracted long-term raw-foodists into this dietary pattern brings forth a powerful insight for us all.

I have found this insight of the three food classes to be extremely insightful and useful in assisting thousands of people to improve and balance their diet, no matter what kind of diet they were following. I have found, even with people on standard diets, that if one of these three food classes is eaten in small quantities or is entirely missing in the diet, imbalances will occur within 2 years, and often much sooner.

Anyone who makes 80% or more of their diet consist of green-leafy vegetables, sweet fruits, and fatty foods (from raw plant sources) will begin to achieve a startling level of health.

These three food classes balance against each other in the Sunfood Triangle outlined below:

This is how it works: if one eats green-leafed vegetables, for example, then sweet fruits and fatty foods must be eaten in the same day to balance the body. If the green-leafed vegetables one is eating are very stimulating (i.e. kale), then stronger sweet fruits and fatter foods can be eaten to balance. If one is eating green-leafed vegetables that are not very stimulating (i.e. butterleaf lettuce), then less stimulating sweet fruits and fatty foods are all that is needed to balance.

Another example: if one eats avocados (a strong fat), then deeper green-leaves, along with stronger types of sweet fruits, may be eaten in the same day to balance.

Another example: if one eats bananas (a strong sugar), then heavier fats, such as nuts (which go well with bananas), may be eaten along with dark green-leafed vegetables in the same day.

Another example: if one eats cucumbers (a non-sweet fruit), then that individual will remain centered as non-sweet fruits are low in stimulation and are located at the center of The Sunfood Triangle.

For optimal results, all three food classes should be eaten each day (unless one is doing a fast or cleanse of some type). All three can be eaten at each meal, or two can be eaten at one meal, with a third eaten later, or all eaten separately throughout the day. Find out what works best for you and your digestion.

I have found that sweet fruits as the dominant food in the morning, green-leafed vegetables as the dominant food at lunch, and fats as the dominant food in the evening works rather well.

We must keep in mind that each body has its own biochemical individuality and the exact ratios of green foods (protein), sugar (carbohydrates), and fat differs from person to person. Through insights I have gained by working with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, I now help design exact diets for people

Chlorophyll: Green-Leafy Vegetables


Fatty Fruits, Nuts Coconuts, Seeds


Fatty Fruits, Nuts Coconuts, Seeds

Sugars: Sweet Fruits by consultation. However, you can design your own diet, by following your intuition. A good place to start, unless one is going for a desired effect (see Lesson 13: How to Use The Sunfood Triangle), is to: eat 33.3% green-leafed vegetables, 33.3% fatty plant food, and 33.3% sweet fruits by dry weight (total food weight minus water). This puts one at the exact center of the triangle. For example:

Daily Menu Item: Dry Weight

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