Lesson Saturation Point

"Information is the commodity of kings."

-- Anthony Robbins

We live in an era where all knowledge is available to all those who seek it out.

There is an abundance of useful information out there in the world. We are at the source. We can choose. We may tune into any frequency we like. We can learn anything we desire.

Learning is never what one expects. Every step of learning is a new task. Learning is an unending quest. There is something for you to learn from every experience, every individual you encounter, every book you read, every audio/videotape you listen to or watch.

A commitment to life-long learning is an essential part of health. Positive information is to the mind what Sunfood is to the body. A malnourished body cannot thrive. Neither can a malnourished mind. A body fed by the negative energy of fired foods becomes ill. A mind fed by negative energy and wrong thoughts becomes ill. A diet of raw food is necessary to health, but if the mind is not also given pure food, the body will suffer. A mind fed evil, unkind thoughts of destructive criticism, condemnation, hate, jealousy, fear, and doubt will reproduce such emotions in the physical body, leading to illness.

You are made or unmade by your own education. You are at the source; you can control what information you are allowing to enter your awareness. You may study anything you desire. You can recapture a child's ability to learn by becoming inspired by new information. Studies presented in progressive educational books, such as The Learning Brain by Gorden Dryden and Jeannette Vos, prove that learning causes the brain to physically grow and rewire itself in a whole new way.

We learn in many ways: by repetition, by emotional impact, but the absolutely most powerful way to learn and master any subject is by saturation.

In my experience, the entire secret of success is saturation. Start bombarding yourself with words and pictures consistent with your goals. Just have fun. Read books which forward you in the direction you are headed. Listen to success tapes in your car. Listen to success tapes while you eat. Watch educational videotapes at the end of the day. Attend seminars which provide additional inspiration to accelerate your goal achievement. I guarantee that, when you start this program of massive saturation, you will dramatically improve your entire life and begin to manifest your dreams rapidly.

The most successful individuals in any field remain so by continuously adding to their own stock of knowledge by appropriating the thoughts, phrases, and ideas of geniuses through a program of information saturation. A mind nourished continuously by the ideas of genius minds will remain alert, brilliant, flexible, and receptive. If this renewal is neglected, the mind will stagnate - we see this in musicians who seem to have lost their "edge." "If you don't use it, you lose it," is a common phrase of simple yet profound truth - it is in strict accordance with the cosmic laws.

The way to make a radical change in your life is to consistently bombard your brain with a new stream of personal-development information, presented by different people, and presented in different formats. Since your number one goal is to be totally healthy, all the information entering your mind should be furthering that goal and none of the information should be detracting from it.

To achieve vibrant health, educate yourself on the subject of gardening, herbs, natural living, raw foods, and related subjects, through reading. This has been a major factor in my own health, as my organization Nature's First Law offers the largest selection of raw-food and natural-health information in the world - the content of which I have fully accessed.

Saturation means attending every health seminar possible. Attend every success seminar possible. Attend every seminar given in your specialty area. Each speaker can provide you with wonderful distinctions which can transform your life. Any one speaker might say something you have heard before, but in a slightly different way, a way which immediately applies to you. The energy of a live performance cannot be matched. Go to success seminars for fun.

When you are healthy, and your suggestive environment is cleared, you can accelerate your success by converting all information entering your mind into one focused field - the field in which you desire to excel. Make all information input positive, uplifting, and focused on the items necessary in this field for your goal achievement. You can become an expert in any field in less than five years, and if you truly saturate yourself in the way I have advised, you can become an expert in any field in two or three years.

If you want health, you have to study health. If you want success, you have to study success. In my own life, I have made a study of superior health and incredible success. I am fascinated by vibrant health. I am fascinated when I see someone who is totally alive. I am intrigued by phenomenal success. I love hearing success stories. It is so interesting to hear the stories behind mega-music bands, such as The Beatles or The Bee Gees or ABBA. Saturating my mind with the secrets of health and the stories of super success has revolutionized my life. The mystery of incredible success is unlocked when one's fascination is met with saturation.

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