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Words alone cannot describe the level of health I have been privileged to attain eating a 100% raw plant-food diet. All that comes to mind is that I feel an immense gratitude. I feel incredibly fortunate to have even found or discovered the type of health information I have included in this book. I feel honored to be able to share this information with others.

When I went raw, I began to study the simple things, like my fingers and toes. I marveled at their dexterity and the functions they served. I became very aware of all my bodily systems: respiratory, circulatory, cardiac, glandular, and digestive. I was awestruck at the efficiency of our human organs. How could I ever have taken my body for granted? How could anyone? It was like being a billionaire and not realizing that you are rich. I thought about the less tangible things like sleep cycles, dreams, and the true nature of Life. I was filled with a new-found reverence for all living things.

I think about things differently now. My outlook on life is something I would describe as glorious. Life is so grand, so incredible, so full of amazement! What can match the grasp of a child's hand in your own, the crisp flavor of a fresh-picked apple, the kiss of a friend or lover, the smell of a spring breeze, the Sunlight penetrating your naked body, the inspiration of highly-emotional music, the feel of sand beneath bare feet, the flow of ocean water through your hair in the mid-summer?

When I initially embarked on the raw path, I was faced with overcoming addictions to bread and corn chips. I was losing a lot of weight. My face was changing and I did not look my best. In the midst of this, a wave of peer pressure from friends, family, and relatives descended upon me. But I persevered. Throughout the process two thoughts were dominant in my mind: Jim Rohn's saying, "For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward," and Andrew Carnegie's saying, "Anything worth having is worth working for."

I kept pushing forward, reading and learning. I began to find that I was transforming in a most profound way and other people were noticing it. I found that many would take the time to listen to what I had to say. I found I was attracting certain people who were acting upon the raw-food information. I stopped trying to convince doubting friends and family and started teaching this diet system to people with dreams.

I found I had to walk my talk. To really make others healthy I had to become incredibly healthy myself. Many of the spiritual books I have read advice that addictions should not be fought, that they dissolve away when the mind is right. This may be good advice for some, but it did not work for me. I had to find and conquer cooked-food addictions. And I succeeded, and so can you.

I feel incredibly fortunate for having created the opportunity to communicate The Raw Plant-Food Diet message through mass media (radio, television, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet). Over the years, I have had the incredible privilege of meeting and communicating with thousands of raw-foodists the world over. The Internet and e-mail have allowed communication and networking on this subject to reach a remarkable level. The time for this information to reach a worldwide audience has come.

Through my seminars, books, videotapes, and audiotapes I am helping along with all other raw-foodists, to chart uncharted territory. I believe I am helping to do for nutrition what Roger Bannister did for running when he broke the four-minute mile barrier. Bannister overcame all the doubters and pessimists. What was once considered impossible became possible. The year after Bannister broke the four-minute mile, 37 other runners broke the four-minute mile. And many thousands have done it since. Did human physiology change? No. What changed were the beliefs about human physiology!

Remember: if one person can achieve the unachievable, then what is possible forever changes.

The Sunfood Diet, when balanced correctly with The Sunfood Triangle, is the healthiest diet for eternal, resonating beauty. This is such an incredible secret! I feel The Sunfood Diet turned me into a lovely being, alive in each recess, capable of understanding every feeling, soothed, and healed of past injuries. It taught me that excellent health is essential to truly enjoying every moment of life.

Perhaps I was predestined to be a raw-foodist. My ethnic heritage comes from Persia where there is a long history of raw-foodism and veganism. In fact, in the Persian language (Farsi) there is a specific term for a raw-foodist: Khom Gia Khori (raw plant eater). This term is about as popular in Persia as the word "vegan" in the United States.

My diet may at first seem limited compared to the standard fast-food diet called "moderation," but the way I eat is actually filled with great pleasure, because I have developed the capacity to enjoy the simplest foods.. .and so can you.

In my personal life, the longer I have eaten raw, the more I find I prefer to eat alone, standing up, in a meditational state, listening to success tapes or reading books. I love to eat simply.

I am often asked what I eat. I might eat the following in a typical day:

  1. 2 avocados, 30-40 ripe olives, and/or 25-30 macadamia nuts
  2. 1 papaya, or 1 melon, or 20-30 figs (if in season)
  3. 2 pounds of kale and/or wild green food from my gardens or the canyons near my house.
  4. 4-5 pieces of citrus fruit, apples, or another juicy fruit in season (peaches, plums, nectarines, mangos, etc.).
  5. 2-4 ripe hot peppers (usually jalapeno or habanero)
  6. 2-4 strips of dulse seaweed

I typically eat two large meals a day: one at 11:00 am, the other at 7:00 pm. This works wonderfully for me. I may snack between these meals on fruits or greens.

I love to eat green-leafy vegetables (I chew them like gum sometimes if I am bored!). I have found that bitter green foods are very healing. When you cultivate a taste for bitter food, you will see a marked improvement in your health.

Ripe hot peppers are one of my favorite foods. For centuries, herbalists have told us of the beneficial effects of hot "cayenne" peppers in healing heart conditions. Hot peppers are also great for stimulating the digestive tract and for "burning" out parasites in the intestines. These foods are natural antibiotics and they contain an excellent quantity of sulfur, "the beauty mineral," which creates smooth skin, glossy hair, and hard nails. From both my experience and the experience of other long-time raw-foodists, I definitely disagree with the Natural Hygiene philosophy of including no hot peppers and other spicy raw foods in the diet.

I do not eat raw-food recipes often - a recipe for me is usually for disaster! But they are excellent transition tools and fun for family and parties! There are dozens of raw-food recipes available. There are several raw-food restaurants in North America (see the Raw-Food

Restaurants section at the end of this book). There are also chefs who specialize in "uncooking."

I also do not take fractionalized supplements (synthetic vitamin pills, mineral tablets, colloidal mineral tinctures, amino acids, protein powders, etc.). many commercial supplements are lifeless and overwhelm and confuse the body with too many concentrate extracts. In my opinion, one is better off investing her/his hard-earned money into higher quality organic foods and superfoods. Any nutrient in any synthetic supplement can be found in a more wholesome form in food or even in dried foods.

If you feel too restricted eating exactly what I recommend, you can always take up the fall-back position: eat a wider variety of raw plant foods: fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, sprouts, sea vegetables, raw plant-food recipes, etc. Remember the initial goal here is to eat as much raw plant food as we can adjust into our diet.

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