Lesson How To Use The Sunfood Triangle

The charts provided in this lesson become applicable when 80-100% of your food intake consists of green-leafy vegetables, sweet fruits, and fatty foods. By balancing these three food classes against each other in different ratios, we can achieve different effects. If we eat more greens, and less sweet fruits and fats, we will get one effect. If we eat more sweet fruits, and less greens and fats, we will get another effect. Basically, we can move the center of The Sunfood Triangle around to achieve different results.

Many of the suggestions provided in this lesson are temporary measures. We do need a good, healthy amount of all three food classes in our diet. In some sections below, I recommend a certain food class may be limited, or totally eliminated, from the diet. This is a temporary measure only! For example, if we are Eating for Spirituality we would remove fat from the diet. We will eventually need fat in the diet; however, this is a temporary suggestion to achieve a specific result.

The diagrams in this lesson are keyed to following dry weight ratio of the three food classes -chlorophyll:sugar:fat.

A diet of raw plant food easily takes off those unwanted pounds. Any cooked foods eaten should be properly combined. This means that cooked starch (complex carbohydrates) should not be combined with cooked protein (meat), and any cooked foods should be eaten with a large green-leafy salad.

Specifically target and minimize cooked fats (heated oils, pasteurized milk and cheese, cooked eggs, and fat-dominant meats, such as bacon) and cooked starch (bread, pasta, cakes, cookies) in

Chlorophyll: Green-Leafy Vegetables


Fatty Fruits, Nuts Coconuts, Seeds

Sugars: Sweet Fruits

The Sunfood Triangle: Moving The Center Point Ratio Key: (Chlorophyll:Sugar:Fat)

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