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"Indeed, there is no such thing as Truth in itself: there can only exist the Process of Living Truly - in so living as to constantly manifest the fullness of one's Being - in so living that the actual process of one's life reflects fully the Wholeness of the greater

Cosmic Process." -- Michael Tobin

"If it makes your heart sing, do it!"

You are here on Earth to become exceptional, to make a majestic contribution, and to achieve something wonderful which uplifts all living things. You are part of a great plan which has been set in motion. Every obstacle you face is filled with indispensable experience points which lead you to higher and higher skill levels. Every adversity you face is exactly what you need to face in order to allow you to rise further up.

You were put on this Earth for a reason. Everything has its place and purpose, and so do you. Each individual has their own assignment. Your existence is not random. You are endowed with a gift that only you have. Within you is a Strong Exciting Essence Desire (SEED). Nourish it, make your contribution.

You exist to fulfill the destiny conceived at your inception. Your destiny is not something you can get; it is something you already know.

Find your area of excellence and channel all your abilities, your entire focus into becoming the best there is in that field. Choose your garden and start planting. Get bent on a specific purpose in life and do only that which furthers the accomplishment of that purpose.

When you find your purpose in life - the job you were designed for - then you will be able to do it without even thinking of money or food. You will be able to do it with great joy and effervescence even while fasting - that is how you know.

The greatest successes in the world have found their area of excellence and focused all their resources into that area. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Those who are doing what they were meant to do have the wisdom to keep their own counsel and do not waste their time trying to discourage others. Healthy individuals seek only to lift their fellows to a new level of progress. They are so busily engaged in promoting their purpose on Earth that they have no time to waste with anyone or anything which does not contribute in one way or another to that purpose. This is not a self-centered mode of living, because those who do what they love to do are so good at what they do, they give others exactly what they want!

We are here to serve others. How is it that we may best serve others? By fulfilling our assignment on Earth. That is why this book is in your hands now - I am fulfilling my assignment. We always contribute to the betterment of all by focusing on what is best for our own state of mind and the Earth's integrity.

Your contribution is a spiritual force which has more power than your own brain. It has the power to live on, grow, and expand, even after you are long gone.

You will always feel happiest and most spiritually fulfilled by doing what you love to do no matter what the financial rewards. And you are in control of determining your financial rewards by answering the question: How can I do what I love to do and create financial abundance while doing it?

Just as you deserve an abundance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, you deserve an abundance of financial health. Money in itself is neither good nor bad, it is neutral. Financial abundance can be used to support tremendous projects to help save tortured animals, grow trees, protect the land, and heal the planet.

One common attribute of self-made millionaires is that they are doing what they love to do. Hey love what they do so much that they challenged themselves continuously to achieve the highest levels of success in that field, and the financial abundance followed.

The best, most fun, and most exciting way to attract financial abundance is to find out what you really enjoy doing in life, the thing you have always loved doing, the thing you always wanted to spend all your time on, and then leverage your mind to figure out how to attract money while doing it. Make your favorite hobby your livelihood. When you are greatly enjoying what you are doing, people will be glad to invest their money with you! Turn what you have in your heart into something thousands, even millions, of people can enjoy and you may use your rewards to live an abundant life spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. Remember: wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasures.

What you do for a living each day should be enjoyable for you. If it is not, you are on the wrong track. If you are stuck doing something each day you do not like to do, you must figure out a plan of how to stop doing it, and how to start doing what you like to do.

All of Nature is a part of a single giant organism in which every living creature has her or his own place and purpose. When you undertake a raw-Sunfoodist diet you will become more attached to the great workings of Nature and your true place and purpose will become more obvious to you. You will be "compelled" to let it unfold. Eating raw "compels" you to get into your own true pattern of life.

Zero-based thinking states: if the situation is wrong for you, if it is emotionally draining you, get out. Anything which emotionally drains you may cause you to do unhealthy things. This is why a pure diet and lifestyle compels you to get into situations that are right for you.

Would you be surprised to discover that one of the keys to health is to do what you love to do? Doing what you love to do is actually the easiest way to become, not only wealthy, but healthy as well!

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