Joe Alexander Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda

"For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward."

-- Jim Rohn, success philosopher

The major transition to the raw side begins when one eats 100% raw plant food. Eating 100% raw allows one to master all the lessons necessary to achieve an absolutely extraordinary level of health.

Is 100% raw extreme? If you want extreme improvements in your life, you need to start taking extreme actions. Remember: life is extreme. It's life or death. This is no dress rehearsal; this is the real thing. People are dying. The major diseases in America are related to the way people eat. People are looking for the answers. People are sick and tired of being lied to (figuratively and literally). The world is actually bathing in pollution and it can be changed by simple fundamental changes. Permit this challenge: get out on a limb, you will discover that is where all the fruit is!

Anything that would tend to limit your greatest gift - the power to think and reason clearly - should be eliminated above all things. Any quantity of cooked, or otherwise unhealthy food, clouds the mind to some degree and leaves a residue of debris in the body which dampens the electrical circuitry in the brain.

The time is upon us to become more discerning in our food choices. The threat of pesticides, the danger of animal products, soil demineralization, and genetic engineering can no longer be ignored. Yesterday's cooked-food diet won't cut it today. The standard cooked-food diet is a gamble, we never know what is truly in the food.

Do not look at this process as starting a new diet with all the implied limitations. This is not about denial. 99.99% of all the food on Earth is raw plant food! This diet is ultimate freedom. There is such a variety of raw plant foods on this Earth it is astonishing. Have you ever tried a: black sapote, cherimoya, durian, eggfruit, elderberry, galia melon, habanero pepper, jackfruit, lemonade berry, loquat, lychee, mamey, mountain apple, pomegranate, prickly pear, sapodilla, suriname cherry, or white sapote? Have you ever tried: butterleaf lettuce, chicory, dandelion, dinosaur kale, fennel, lamb's quarters, lemon grass, miner's lettuce, nopales, sorrel, watercress, wild mustard, wild onion, or wintercress? Obviously I have only just touched on some of the variety of edible plants that are out there. You could try a new fruit and vegetable every single day for the rest of your life and not even come remotely close to trying them all!! There is too much abundance!!

A 100% raw-Sunfood diet is the ultimate high. People are intelligent and they understand that they should be feeling great all the time. The depressing effects of cooked foods and animal products are a major reason why people resort to intoxicating liquors and drugs.

The question of going 100% raw is a question of persistence and spiritual maturity. Fruitarian Roe Gally says, "You can't be healthy if you're miserable." Have the maturity to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate your diet while enjoying the process. I often tell my seminar listeners, "The old habits die hard, but they do die!"

It may be best to stabilize at 70% raw, then 80% raw, and continue on from there. We want to avoid the "yo-yo effect" - doing 100% raw and then binge eating and then returning to 100% raw. Set a level of raw-food consumption which is appropriate and realistic for you now.

When you reach a stable level of 95% raw, it will be fantastic. You may experience that the body eventually starts to push towards letting go of all cooked foods in the diet, and this is in the natural course of things. After many years on a high-raw, but not all-raw diet, the body becomes more refined and goes into an immediate "detox mode" as soon as any cooked food is ingested, leaving one functioning at less than optimal capacity.

If you follow 95% of the diet, you do receive 95% of the amazing results. After you follow 100% of the diet, you get 1,000% of the results. Make a commitment which requires you to surpass your physical and emotional obstacles. Refuse to consider any other option except your goal of vibrant health!

A 100% raw plant food diet is a wonderful goal. I know many people who have been eating 100% raw foods for 5, 10, 20, 30, even 40 years and longer and who have attained an incredible level of health and vitality.

I did not go 100% raw foods immediately. I went 95% raw overnight and then gradually weaned myself off the last 5%. However, I have met a few people who have gone all-raw overnight - it may be possible for you if you have eaten an excellent diet for many years and are ready for it.

In general, I have found it is better to give people shorter range goals, such as going one month 100% raw. It is best to have them envision that goal, than to have them envision going a lifetime without cooked food. Once the initial pattern is established, then they can duplicate that pattern - it becomes a blueprint for success.

As I mentioned in Lesson 12: Transition Diet, the key to transitioning to raw food is to experiment on a small scale. First, set a goal to go raw for three days, then expand that to a week the next time, then a month; keep expanding all the time. Write your raw goals down, and commit to them. Then see, after achieving your goals, how much further you can go.

What is fascinating is that the temptations of cooked food begin to lose their strength. The former "pleasures" associated with cooked food will automatically reverse as one continues to step outside of the old comfort zone into the raw realm. It is not that one has to discipline oneself forever to stay away from the "pleasures" of cooked food, it is that one is no longer attracted to those foods. They become seen as lifeless foods devoid of any nutritional and spiritual strength.

The best time to begin is always right now. Teddy Roosevelt's most famous saying was: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." The best place on Earth, the greatest opportunity in the world, is right where you happen to be right now. You are sitting on your own fortune - your own "Acres of Diamonds."

Let's make the change now! Your life is too important to allow your diet to fall to a point where it finally takes your desire for survival to overcome your appetite for "poor" foods.

There are many things you do now which would have seemed difficult to you ten years ago. Those things themselves did not change, but your idea of yourself changed. What if you were to think things differently today?

It is going to take courage. Where there is no joy there can be no courage; and without courage all other virtues are meaningless. Enjoy the process and let Nature take its course. Nature's smile is for the joyful, the courageous, the disciplined, and the all-daring.

Complacency is the great enemy of possibility. Just keep taking action. Focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new habits.

It is going to take a view to the long-term. The ability to think long-term, to be longsighted, depends on the ability to delay gratification. The ability to delay gratification determines how much spiritual power we have over our physical body. Delaying gratification is a sign of wisdom and maturity. By delaying cooked-food gratification you start making incredible strides.

Self-discipline has been defined as the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like doing it or not.

To become a 100% raw-foodist, you must have the desire. You must be willing to pay the price. The price may be much or it may be little, but you must condition your mind to pay it (and pay it gladly!), regardless of the cost. Remember Andrew Carnegie's saying, "Anything worth having is worth working for." Once you have been 100% raw for a time (6 months or more), and you have cleaned the cooked-food residue out of your body, it becomes easy.

It is time for you to cross the border; to sail out into an unknown sea; to commit to reaching a 100% raw-food diet. As you'll see, you will not fall off the edge of the world! You will have to overcome the stormy seas of negativity and the waves of peer pressure, the perilous storms of accusation and the scurvy-ridden sailors of mediocrity, the glide down the wave-crests into the wave-valleys of detoxification, but afterward it all will appear before you a new land, a land transformed into a paradise, a land explored thus far by only the curious and the brave! You may well discover the timeless truth that when you change, the world changes automatically. You will look through different eyes. You will be transformed into a new being! Commit! There is no strength in compromise.

When you let go of cooked food, life becomes even more exciting. After many years of eating exclusively raw foods, your mindset will become more resolute, flexible, clear, free of doubt; your body will become lithe, supple, sensitive, and filled with energy.

Eventually, you will reach a point where you are able to do all you need to do in the external world (social food visits with friends, business luncheons, etc.), yet have no inner conflicts since you will have attained a new consciousness.

The insights that a 100% raw plant-food diet gives you are powerful. Statements are made with great certainty, and one does not know how it happened. Uncanny events become common place.

I woke up after napping in my backyard one day with a bird bouncing around my head and face. We just looked at each other. When you go all-raw, the animals do not look at you as something strange anymore, you do not carry the obvious smell of civilization's foods. You become more of the continuum of life - one with the animals. What price can you put on a unified connection with Nature? It is priceless. That is what a 100% raw plant-food diet will give you.

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