Life is a mystery, so grand, so vast. Origins are hidden, deep in the past.

Worn out, eroded, Are they Hopelessly unsuited?

Nothing is more fantastic, Is anything more farfetched Than slates of fossil stone Which reality once etched?

Any philosophy of diet leads, typically, to a philosophy of human origins. It seems reasonable that the diet humanity originated on, should be the diet that best suits it. From research and experience we see that primitive diets do actually work because they are simpler, more natural, and the body has less confusion to contend with. Primitive peoples have more robust jaws and more beautiful teeth, which is reflective of their superior diet. But even primitive diets do have their limits.

They contain cooked foods and animal foods which will only allow the body to reach a certain level of health and positive energy.

Some argue that humans have actually adapted through evolution to cooked foods and animal foods, but the thousands of gastro-intestinal and related diseases (which do not afflict natural creatures eating their natural diet) are positive proof that humanity's food choices have not been optimal.

This lesson challenges many of the false assumptions underlying the theory of evolution. It exposes the danger of "raw-food evolutionary diets" and describes that such diets do not lead to excellent health. With the theory of evolution proved faulty, all dietary systems based upon it must be reevaluated.

This lesson demonstrates that the form, function, and food choices of every plant and animal are not determined by evolution or adaptation over time. But that each organism has a form, function, and food supply ordained by design. When we humans follow our dietary design, the results are extraordinary.

This lesson also demonstrates concepts in lateral thinking and may be particularly interesting for those of a "success consciousness" who are always looking for unique intellectual angles and ways to think things differently. Understanding this lesson is not entirely necessary to succeed with The Sunfood Diet. Those who find the information here to be less than essential may move forward to Lesson 10: Detoxification.

Those who choose to study this lesson will find that many scientists and researchers have shattered the glass towers of evolution where hypotheses are based on hypotheses and fact and fiction are mingled in an ever-deeper confusion...the evidence of which I present.

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