Increasing Digestive Strength

The digestive organs act as one big muscle. If you have weak digestion, you can strengthen your digestive capacity by slowly increasing the raw green-leafy foods in your diet over time. To help breakdown the leaves and to ease digestion, soak green-leaves in olive oil for 2-3 hours before eating them. Chew your food well. One will automatically increase their digestive strength by introducing more and more raw foods at an appropriate pace, allow the body to adjust.

After about 6 months on raw foods, once the eating disciplines are in place, it is a great idea to do a raw herbal cleanse such as EJUVA (please contact Nature's First Law at 888-RAW-FOOD for more information on how to acquire and conduct this cleanse). A cleanse will help strip out impacted mucus in the digestive tract, thus increasing digestive strength.

In my experiences working with people, I have found that their digestive energy increased when they started consuming fresh vegetable juices. The intake of fresh vegetable juices supplies the body with the minerals necessary to digest the whole food.

Chinese oriental medicine claims that some people do not have enough "fire" in their constitution to thrive on raw foods. Anyone, however, can increase their fire to help digest raw foods. The best way to increase the fire one's constitution is to Sunbathe. It is my experience that the more direct Sun energy the body receives, the greater is the digestive strength. Other ways to increase the fire in one's constitution is to practice vigorous exercise, deep breathing, and astanga yoga. In yoga we find the "breath of fire," which entails inhaling passively, exhaling in bursts through the nose as you pull the lower bell in, drawing up from the perineum.

Losing Weight Quickly With the Raw Food Diet

Losing Weight Quickly With the Raw Food Diet

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