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Good, fresh durian must be one of the most incredible edibles on Earth. Once, the editor of Nature's First Law radical raw-food magazine Just Eat An Apple, Fred Patenaude, and I were passing by an Asian market in San Diego, we stopped in and, sure enough, they had fresh, ripe, durian! I bought the ripest durian available. In the car, Fred and I split the durian. It was ambrosia. The taste was so light, so subtle, so powerful that it immediately sent us into an altered state. While we ate, I told a story to Fred. Afterward, I looked over and Fred had not heard a word I said. He was in outer space. I could not reach him - he did not want to be reached. That is the power of the durian!

The durian fruit of southeast Asia contains incredible fat and sugar, putting us right at the midpoint between the two. Added with green-leafy foods, we can live on durian alone, at least for some time. A raw-foodist once told me he believed durian and raw cannabis constituted humanity's most natural foods. I thought that was interesting.

We can live for some time on seeded grapes and/or natural seeded raisins. Seeded grapes are natural Sun-dried, vine-ripened raisins with seeds are some of the most incredible foods on Earth. They have the sugar and the fat (the grape seed). Add that to the grape leaves (green-leaves) which come with the grape plant and we could live on the grape plant alone for quite some time. In the future, I am going to conduct and experiment on myself when my grape vines (grown from seed) reach fruition. I am going to see how long I can go with my grape plants as my only nourishment.

Watermelon is one of the top foods on the planet. If you chew up some of the seeds for fat (which I have found to be quite an aphrodisiac), and take in the natural melon sugar, you again have a close to balanced picture. Add green-leafed vegetables in and you can go quite some time on these alone.

Apricots are a sweet fruit (sugar) with an edible kernel which tastes like an almond (fat). They also have the sugar and fat wrapped in one package. The Hunzas, one of the longest-lived tribes on Earth, are world-renowned for the diet of apricots. The apricot kernel contains specific compounds that work to repair the prostate. They should be immediately included into the diet of anyone experiencing prostate troubles. I know of several people who have healed themselves of prostate cancer naturally, and who swear by these kernels.

Young coconut is also one of the Earth's most perfect foods. With sweet water and soft spoon meat on the inside, few foods can compare. Again, green leaves are required to make a coconut diet work for you in the long-term. Also, coconuts are a seed and thus they have a negative karma charge, which should be balanced with positive or neutral karma foods.

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All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets can be great way to not only lose weight but also led a much healthier, natural lifestyle in general. Most raw food diets are plant based with at least 75% of the diet composed of raw food.

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