How To Make Hybrids Work For

Hybrid foods are everywhere and most of us still need to eat something! It is possible for you to make hybrid foods work for you. The effects of hybrid foods on the body are usually not felt physically or consciously until one is significantly purified after many months and years on a pure Sunfood Diet.

Remember: start where you are now! When I started on raw foods I was probably eating 90% hybridized food! I did just great, but I learned over time to fine tune my diet and body to achieve an extraordinary level of health.

You can live on hybridized food, but you cannot thrive on hybridized food. Hybrid fruits and vegetables may be eaten in small amounts. Mixing bananas with fats (avocados, nuts, olives) lessens the hybrid effect of that fruit on the system. Eating more green-leafed vegetables and avocados, nuts, or olives with hybrid sweet fruits or vegetables will decrease their effect on the blood sugar and increase the utility of elements in the food. Hybrid grains and legumes should be sprouted, never cooked, to lessen their detrimental effect; as long as they are raw, the body can draw nutrients from them and can deal with them.

Even if hybridized, whenever possible eat food grown locally, indigenously under the Sun, under totally organic conditions.

Eat food that is in season. I have noticed that I can eat dates in abundance (up to 30 in a day if I am extremely active) when they are in season (fall and winter), but when I eat them out of season, they give me a strange reaction similar to the feeling of eating to much hybrid fruit and I cannot even eat two or three dates.

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