How to Begin Saturating Your Mind

Ideally, your entire day should be one continuous bombardment of positive, uplifting information.

The first waking hour sets the pace of the day. Whatever you do, listen to, or read in that first hour stays with you all day long. Have you ever woke to a song, and that song was in your head throughout the day? This is the principle in action. What if you awoke each morning to the most uplifting music, or the most powerful success literature possible? It is great to feel those inspirations coursing through the body all day long.

The alpha-wave state of the brain is the state of highest mental activity. It is the state you are in when you awaken in the morning and right before your sleep at night. You may achieve the alpha-wave state by taking 10 long deep breaths. You may achieve higher performance on tests or in physical competitions by saturating the mind through positive affirmations, goal writing, goal reviewing, reading, success audio listening, etc. when the brain is in the alpha state.

Begin each morning with empowering messages and then continue the bombardment throughout the day. Raw foods action supplemented by daily self-improvement information saturation is a success formula which cannot be topped.

Chaos theory teaches us that even tiny differences of input could quickly become overwhelming differences in output - a phenomenon mathematicians have termed "sensitive dependent on initial conditions." In weather this translates into what is known as the "Butterfly Effect" - the notion that a butterfly stirring the air today in Peking can transform storm systems next month in New York. Since this is true, imagine how a massive difference in mind input through focused information saturation will equate into an extraordinary difference in output. The Butterfly Effect would become a Phoenix Effect.

Positive Thinking As The Key To Success

Positive Thinking As The Key To Success

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