Healing Through Detoxification

The major diseases and illnesses are diet related. Detoxification through a raw plant-food diet is the physical path back to perfect health. If diet is ignored, the maximum benefit of other therapies will not be achieved.

There is no magic pill, but there is a magic process. For you, detoxification can be the greatest event of your life. As you become more aware of your body's true condition, you will intuitively be presented with intelligent plans, renewed strength, and energy with which to retrace the steps back to physical perfection. You will be healed naturally through detoxification.

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Stage 1: Intoxication


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Stage III: Detoxification: Obstructions move from areas of greater concentration to areas of lesser concentration.

Stage III: Detoxification: Obstructions move from areas of greater concentration to areas of lesser concentration.

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Stage II: On The Sunfood Diet the blood thins and blood obstructions disappear



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Stage IV: Purity. No obstructions.

Stage IV: Purity. No obstructions.


Dietary obstructions

Hering's Law describes that all diseases retrace their history during the healing process. Specifically, the following pattern occurs:

  1. Healing begins deep within and works its way out
  2. Healing occurs from the head down.
  3. Symptoms occur in the reverse order from the way they developed.

The process of detoxification is non-linear. It travels in circles and waves and heals you in cycles according to Hering's Law. Depending on your previous diet, you may feel worse before you feel better, as toxicity is washed out of the body. If one is coming from the Standard American Diet (SAD), a powerful detoxification may occur. If one is more purified on a vegetarian or vegan diet and eating organic food, the detoxification may be more mild.

Just as it takes years for your tissues to become encumbered by improper materials, so too does it take years to dissolve and eliminate these improper materials. In general, I have found that it takes one month on a 100% Sunfood Diet to reverse one year on a cooked, toxic diet. So, for example, if one is 45 years young then it will take 45 months to detoxify the body on a 100% Sunfood Diet.

Every living organism strives always to remove obstructions and achieve perfect health. When you start removing obstructions from your body, radiant health appears. Obstructions are the residues left over from a lifetime of improper foods and negative thoughts. Illnesses are caused by obstructions. Symptoms are caused by the body's attempt to detoxify obstructions. Death is caused by a suppression of a detoxification.

Detoxification is a skill. This is an "unwinding" process - seek the best way to unwind yourself out of the old habits. Nurture yourself through this process.

When I began to study the psychology and science of physical detoxification, I used myself and my situation as the test of what was true. You must do the same. Listen to your inner voice.

Success philosopher and author Og Mandino, used to say that, "you are not a human being, you are a human becoming." You are constantly becoming something different. Remember, the human body is constantly recreating itself out of the air, water, food, and thoughts you ingest. Studies show that 98% of the atoms in the body are completely replaced in two years. In seven years, 100% of the body is replaced. In just a few years you can completely reconstruct your entire body from totally brand new high-quality materials! It is never too late for anyone you can regenerate!

The body is a self-sustaining, wonderfully regenerating organism which wears out due to high levels of toxicity. This toxicity comes through diet, negative thinking, and disempowering belief systems. Detoxification ("letting go") at all levels heals all things.

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