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Hair loss is a progressive decrease in hair growth typically resulting in baldness in men. It usually occurs due to poor oxygenation, acidification of the body due to a poor diet, and a lack of Sunlight. Genetic predispositions also play a factor.

Rubbing the oil of a slice of mashed up hot pepper directly into the hair loss area with your fingers will help dissolve waxy deposits which may have sealed off hair follicles. This oil will also cause blood to flow to that area of the scalp oxygenating and enlivening the dormant follicles. Be cautious, pepper oil is very strong and can burn the skin - only 1 of a small pepper is required. Apply stone-crushed, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil 2-5 minutes after the pepper oil as this will tone down the pepper heat and soothe the skin. Follow this procedure every day in the morning or evening for 3 weeks.

Dietary choices to restore hair loss should include significantly more organic alkaline fruits (papayas, figs, oranges), a wide variety of organic green-leafed vegetables to reverse any acid-condition in the body, and occasional dulse or nori seaweed for trace minerals.

For excellent scalp care, use only minimal amounts of organic, plant-based shampoos on the hair. Sometimes I simply use a dilute solution of orange juice as shampoo; I also occasionally use olive oil to maintain scalp and hair moisture and to avoid hair knots. Commercial shampoos and conditions contain highly toxic chemicals and damage the scalp over time.

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