By eating raw plant foods, I believe you will become deeply interested in gardening as I have. Gardening cultivates an intimate connection between you, the plants, the Sun, and the Earth. Gardening nourishes us twice: once by the exercise involved in creating the garden and again when we eat the food. In my own life, my garden continues to show me new ways to experience the Earth.

Growing plants compels us to eat our food in its natural, raw state, because all of the energy we have put into harvesting the food. It compels us to compost our food scraps and to improve the soil each year. Growing our own food decreases pollution because we do not participate in the transportation pollution incurred by shipping food.

In the great outdoors you can never grow bored nor weary, but will remain content and joyful. "All my ills my garden spade," wrote Emerson. The most contented and happy people are those who breathe in the rich vapors of their home garden. I know that is where I feel best.

The essence of my entire message is found in growing gardens, living as close to Nature as possible, and in making friends with the animals. It is in doing those things that all may be learned. I am reminded of the maxim, "Before a person may govern a city, s/he must first be able to govern a garden." I find gardening one of life's greatest pleasures and watching fruit trees grow from seed to maturity one of the secrets of longevity.

The Enzymes Effect

The Enzymes Effect

Enzymes which are usually proteins help to begin, aid in and accelerate every chemical reaction in the human body. Enzymes are the bodys main workforce, much like a construction company building a skyscraper.

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