The present-day fruitarian movement finds its philosophical roots in the scriptures (Genesis 1:29), the writings of spiritual masters, such as Sri Yukteswar in his book The Holy Science, in the writings of Professor Arnold Ehret, in the fascinating accomplishments and philosophy of Johnny Lovewisdom, in the writings of Morris Krok in Fruit The Food And Medicine For Man, and in the writings of T.C. Fry.

What exactly comprises a fruitarian diet has been the subject of much debate over the years. In this book, I believe I have finally settled the matter. For the record: a fruitarian is an eater of fruits (fatty, sweet, and non-sweet) and green-leafed vegetables.

The fruitarian diet lifestyle is a beautiful way to live, it is in total harmony with the philosophy of Ahimsa (a Sanskrit word that means causing no harm). However, as I have described, raw foods -especially fruits - carry with them strong karma and energy. For that reason, they must be eaten in a balanced fashion. Too much hybridized sweet fruit will throw the body off balance. The fruitarian diet has to be done correctly. Specifically, green-leafed vegetables must be eaten ass they contain heavier minerals, calming properties, fiber, and certain intangible items not available in fruits - all frugivorous (fruit eating) primates include green leaves in their diets; also, fats must be derived from avocados, durians, or olives instead of nuts if one is to remain within the fruitarian Ahimsa paradigm -eating nuts kills the plant embryo.

I do not recommend giving up green-leafed vegetables. If one goes to long on an all-fruit diet, the first thing that will happen is that s/he will go deficient in salt (sodium), the next thing that will occur is a deficiency in calcium. However, for those experimenting with a high-fruit diet, I recommend the following:

  1. Eat no more than 33.3% high-sugar fruits, such as melons, mangos, peaches, etc.
  2. Eat plenty of non-sweet fruits, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
  3. Eat plenty of high calcium, alkaline-forming fruits, especially: figs, olives, oranges, panini (prickly pear), papaya, and rumbutan.
  4. Breathe in pure air.
  5. Take in and swim in only pure water (containing no acid-forming minerals such as chlorine).
  6. Avoid stress-inducing and acid-forming environments (e.g. cities).
  7. Eat plenty of silicon-based foods: peppers, chiles, okra, etc. Silicon can be biologically transmuted into calcium by the liver (see Biological Transmutations by Kervran).
  8. Avoid all nuts! (They are too acid-forming. One will be thrown off the center by eating them if no greens are in the diet. Nuts must be balanced with greens).
  9. Eat a sufficient quantity of olives. Olives have a naturally high sodium content (even when unsalted).

Keys to a high-fruit diet:

  1. You must be active to burn up all the sugar (fuel) you are putting into your body.
  2. You must be mentally positive.
  3. You must be emotionally stable.
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