For A Sore Throat

/ lemon

1 tablespoon of fresh ginger juice or raw ginger powder 6 ounces (0.2 liters) of distilled water Warmed up to 96 degrees Fahrenheit (36 C).

Mix ginger into water. Squeeze lemon into the mix. Lemon is an excellent cleanser. Ginger works as an antibiotic and an expectorant, helping to relieve the sinus cavities and lungs of mucus. Drink this mix 4-5 times a day until symptoms disappear. The old home remedy also included 2-4 tablespoons of raw honey.

Or, if you are more active, try.

Juice: 3 apples 1 lemon 1 slice of ginger root

Peel the lemon, but maintain the white pith. Put all contents in the juicer. If desired, warm this drink to 96 degrees Fahrenheit (36 C). The apples are "soft" on the throat and provide you with sugar as fuel. Apples also contain pectin, which forms a gel in the intestines that helps remove toxins while simultaneously stimulating a bowel movement. A bowel movement drains the lymph system, allowing lymphatic tissues throughout the body, including the tonsils in the throat, to alleviate any swelling. Drink this juice 3-4 times a day until symptoms disappear.

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