Metabolic enzymes operate in all the cells, tissues, and organs of the body and are an essential part of every activity.

Digestive enzymes are produces by, and appear in, the alimentary organs [organs related to nutrition]. They help digest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Amylases are enzymes that digest carbohydrates. Lipases are enzymes that digest fats. Proteases are enzymes that digest proteins.

Food enzymes come enclosed with all whole raw foods in their proper proportions. These enzymes are there to help digest the food (or to help ripen or decompose the food if it is not eaten). Food enzymes are destroyed at 118 degrees Fahrenheit (47.8 degrees Celsius). The dehydration of food below 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40.0 degrees Celsius) does keep most enzymes intact. Freezing and refrigeration hinders enzymatic activity. Freezing food destroys at least 30% of its enzymes and can destroy up to 66% of its enzymes. Fermented raw foods, including seed cheeses and raw sauerkraut, have a very high enzymatic activity and thus they have been used by natural health pioneers, such as Doctor Ann Wigmore, to accelerate healing and disease recovery.

Food enzyme shortages, sooner or later, result in physical degeneration and disease. When the digestive enzymes present in the body are insufficient, the body draws upon its reserves of metabolic enzymes from the major and minor organs and glands, weakening one's overall vitality. It takes ten metabolic enzymes to form one digestive enzyme.

Just because the dangerous effects of cooked and processed foods are not felt immediately does not mean they are not damaging. Humans have not adapted to cooked food in the way people assume. How can an animal, such as a field mouse, that has never eaten cooked food in its genetic history, be captured, fed cooked food, and still live? Did it instantaneously adapt to cooked food? Just because one can chew up something, swallow it, and live long enough to tell others about it, does not mean that person has adapted to it. White bread, for example, has only been around for the last 100 years. People eat white bread en masse and they are still alive. Does that mean humans have adapted to white bread? Cooked and processed foods have a cumulative effect on the body. The enzyme potential decreases over time. Once the enzyme potential is diminished beyond a certain threshold, the body wears out and the internal organs feel the damage.

After presenting a host of evidence demonstrating that all living creatures have a fixed enzyme potential which can be (and usually is) prematurely exhausted, Dr. Howell in Enzyme Nutrition writes: "Humans eating an enzymeless diet use up a tremendous amount of their enzyme potential in lavish secretions of the pancreas and other digestive organs. The result is a shortened lifespan (65 years or less as compared with 100 or more), illness, and lowered resistance to stresses of all types, psychological and environmental."

The generational introduction of substances foreign to the organism causes enzymatic adaptations to appear in the digestive fluids even though no physiological adaptation occurs. Different races of people throughout the world have developed enzymatic capabilities foreign to other groups in order to help digest their traditional cultural foods. These "enzyme mutations" are the body's way of accommodating itself to foreign food substances.

The enzyme mutation in a northern European person might give her/him an enzymatic capability to metabolize raw cow's milk, whereas a Mediterranean person may lack such an enzyme mutation, but possess an enzymatic ability to metabolize raw goat's milk. This capability would last until the person began to exhaust their enzyme potential. If the person drank the milk pasteurized, or if they over-intoxicated themselves with those substances (even if raw) then, over time, they would greatly weaken their enzyme potential, and no longer be able to tolerate such foods.

Even with enzyme mutations, the intake of animal foods is undesirable to the physiology of the human digestive apparatus. The shape of the teeth, jaw, width of the lips, shape of the cheeks, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, and colon, are not suited for animal foods (see Lesson 9: Origins and Appendix A).

Enzyme mutations come about as part of the Law of Vital Adjustment outlined by Professor Hilton Hotema in his book Mans' Higher Consciousness. The body's Vital Adjustment to foreign substances taxes the system and is always accompanied by a Vital Reduction in the body's overall health and energy level. After a degeneration has occurred, the Law of Vital Adjustment can also work in reverse, as foreign substances are eliminated from the body, a Vital Increase occurs; the body is always capable, over time, of re-adjusting to its natural state because the underlying original biological design is still the same.

Genetic enzyme mutations in accordance with the Law of Vital Adjustments caused by generations of unnatural feeding have turned the human digestive fluids into an anomaly in Nature. The enzymatic activity in the human mouth and digestive system is far out of sync with anything in Nature.

Consider the writings of Dr. Howell, in his landmark work Enzyme Nutrition: "The digestive enzymes of civilized humans are infinitely stronger and more concentrated in enzyme activity than any of the metabolic enzymes - more concentrated than any other enzyme combination found in nature. Human saliva and pancreatic juice are loaded with enzyme activity. There is no evidence that wild animals, living on natural raw diets, have digestive enzyme juices even remotely approaching the strength of those found in civilized human beings."

Dr. Howell has demonstrated, through what he calls The Law of Adaptive Secretion of Digestive Enzymes (a manifestation of the Law of Vital Adjustment), that animals eating raw diets have no enzymes in their saliva, but they begin to when fed a heat-treated diet. Dogs taken away from their natural raw diet and put on a cooked-food diet had enzymes show up in the saliva in about a week. The opposite is true as well. When one returns to a natural raw diet, the frenzied enzymatic activity in the saliva eventually disappears.

Allergies to raw foods are connected with enzymes. Some people are allergic to oranges or strawberries, or some other plant foots. These foods contain enzymes which are like keys which unlock poisons the body has stored in locked "boxes." The allergy is actually a release of poison. If these foods are introduced slowly, and in small amounts, each "box" is opened and a little more poison is released. Once all the "boxes" are open, the allergy disappears.

Dr. Howell also uncovered a connection between enzyme deficiencies in the diet (cooked food) and a decrease in brain size and weight. This connection should be clearly understood by those interested in maximum brain performance - it is always best to maximize our potential.

Proper nutrition is the basis of mental power. The nutriment of the brain cells is derived from the blood corpuscles perpetually being pumped into them by the action of the heart. If the food stream is devoid of enzymes and impure, then the pump valves will be weak or out of gear, the stomach will become disordered, the liver will be corrupted, the lungs will become congested, and the brain will be starved, drugged, and poisoned, while all the thoughts that germinate therein will be improper and out of harmony with the Earth.

Thoughts of failure, world-weariness, morbidity, despair, and sorrow are all associated with states of low energy and enzyme depletion in the body caused by eating the wrong food. Low energy deeply affects the state of mind. If every mental disorder is accompanied by a physical disorder (psychosomatic illness), then it must also be true that every physical disorder (enzyme deficiency) is accompanied by a mental disorder (which can be healed by an enzyme-rich diet).

All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets can be great way to not only lose weight but also led a much healthier, natural lifestyle in general. Most raw food diets are plant based with at least 75% of the diet composed of raw food.

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