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The most beautiful children I have met or seen have been children raised on raw plant foods. They are alert, content, happy, and eager to explore life. The world's most famous childcare specialist Dr. Benjamin Spock recommended, in the seventh edition of his famous book Baby And Child Care, breast-feeding until solid foods were introduced. He specifically recommended a vegetarian diet at that point and, beyond age two, a vegan diet with an emphasis on raw plant foods. Dr. Spock's own vegetarian diet had "given him a new lease on life." He wanted the seventh edition of his book to be in the forefront of linking animal foods and disease.

Chlorophyll: Green-Leafy Vegetables

To Feed Children center at 40:20:40 Ratio Key: (Chlorophyll:Sugar:Fat)

Children naturally gravitate towards sweet, bright-colored fruits. Parents must keep in mind that children also need fat and chlorophyll-rich foods. Calcium is extremely important for growing children, and if not coming from the mother's breast milk, it must be in the diet in the form of green-leaves and/or green juices in sufficient quantities.

If your children have trouble eating green-leafed vegetables, try mixing apples or pears with green-vegetable juice - all freshly made. Try feeding your children Sequoia's Calcium Soup found in Appendix C: Sunfood Recipes at the back of this book. Also, lead by example. Children do what you do, and not what you say (as I am sure you have already discovered!).

Pregnant mothers should also balance their Sunfood Diet with more greens and fats with lots of variety to feed the growing baby. Foods with plenty of trace minerals (edible wild plants, flower pollen, seeds, etc.) should be included in the diet of children and pregnant mothers.

For more information on breastfeeding, natural childbirth, mother-child bonding, and raw-food parenting, please read Hygeia Halfmoon's beautiful book Primal Mothering In A Modern World. Also, The Continuum Concept is another classic book on natural child care.

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