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Eat raw plant fats for beauty. They make the skin and hair shine. Natural, raw fatty foods contain oils which lubricate the mucus linings and joints of the body. They help cushion and suspend tissues and organs. Raw plant fats keep everything clean and "well-oiled." Just as sugar is the fuel of the body, raw plant fat is the oil or lubricant of the body.

In this section, we are going to discover why a diet containing a sufficient quantity of raw plant fat is essential for good health.

In the intestines we find villi (small hair-like tissue structures containing capillaries) designed to absorb carbohydrates (fruits) and amino acids (green-leafy vegetables). We also find, upon the villi of the small intestines, lacteals (lymph channels), which absorb fats into the lymphatic system. The fat is conducted through the lymphatic vessels to the liver where the fat is prepared for distribution throughout the body.

All fats are made up of two substances: glycerin and fatty acids. The number and kinds of fatty acids attached to the glycerin molecule determine the fat type.

Some fatty acids are called "essential" because the body is not independently capable of manufacturing these substances at sufficient levels. Raw-food expert and co-founder of Excellence Inc., Annie Jubb, mentions in her seminars that population studies have shown that 100 out of 100 Americans are essential-fatty-acid deficient! The essential fatty acids are linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, both of which are found abundantly in fatty raw plant foods, especially in avocados, nuts, and seeds. The highly-touted omega 6 and omega 3 fatty-acid groups contain the essential fatty acids. Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids are found in an excellent ratio in flax seed oil.

Because of their unique biochemical structure, fats "cut" or disguise more potent substances. This is why milk is used in coffee. It is also why avocados go well with hot chiles. In Mexico they eat young coconut flesh (high-fat) with chiles and fresh lime juice. Fats tone down "hot" foods (such as ginger, garlic, chiles, etc.).

Fatty foods slow the release of sugars already in the digestive track. One can eat fruit in the morning with an avocado and have a longer time release of sugar, which allows one to experience a higher energy level longer.

Excellent foods containing raw plant fats and the essential fatty acids include: avocados, durians, Sun-ripened olives, young coconuts, nuts, seeds, olive oils, and seed oils.

Plant fats contain no cholesterol. Cholesterol is not found in the plant world. Every cell in the human body produces the amount of cholesterol that it needs. Animals and humans produce their own cholesterol. Infants are the only humans who need dietary cholesterol, which they get from their mother's milk, as they use it for healthy brain formation. All cholesterol problems are eliminated by removing animal foods from the diet.

Studies have found that a diet adequate in fat intake is essential for healthy bone formation and mineralization. Raw plant fats are the "delivery vehicle" for the minerals in green-leafy vegetables.

Raw plant fats insulate the nerve tissue and protect us from pollution and from the harshness of present-day civilization. Many raw-foodists I have met agree that they seem to rarely desire avocados or nuts while living in the woods far away from the urban centers; however, once they return to the harshness of cement, cars, and big buildings, the desire for avocados and nuts also increases.

Raw plant fats effectively increase the electric tension on the cell membranes, making them more permeable to oxygen and nutrients.

All the craze against fats applies specifically to cooked fats. Cooked fats (containing trans-fatty acids) are totally destructive to sound health: they interfere with cell respiration; they are a major source of damaging free radicals; they lack their associated enzyme lipase and thus are difficult to digest. Trans-fatty acids cause the powerhouse of each cell, the mitochondria, to swell and malfunction, becoming less capable of efficiently producing energy. Fats are always incorporated directly into the cell wall; when trans-fatty acids are incorporated into the cell wall, the cell begins to lose control over what substances are entering through the cell membrane. Salt, carcinogens, damaging free radicals, and chemicals begin to accumulate inside the cell. The cell becomes susceptible to ultraviolet radiation and cancer.

Cooked fats include any fatty substances that have been heated, hydrogenated, pasteurized, or excessively oxidized. To prevent oxidation from light, all oils purchased in stores should be in dark bottles; all seed oils should be purchased while still refrigerated or else they will oxidize and become rancid.

Cooked fats are thick, heavy, and have a deranged structure. They clog up the blood, arteries, and the lymphatic system. Because cooked fat is not miscible with water, it is clogging, and is generally difficult for the body to process, metabolize, and eliminating, eating cooked fats causes the body to gain excessive weight.

In contrast, raw plant fats do not cause the body to gain excessive weight unnecessarily. In fact, as one transitions away from cooked food, s/he can actually lose weight eating a significant portion of raw plant fats. Eating raw plant fats can help a person lose weight as they contain their lipase enzymes which allow body fat to be burned. Lipase enzymes are typically missing in the excessive fat tissues of the body. Lipase enzymes, from raw plant fats and their oils, help metabolize cooked fat deposits which have stagnated and accumulated throughout the body. Each raw essential fatty acid replaces each cooked trans-fatty acid incorporated into the cell walls. Raw plant fats are easily recognized by the liver and distributed properly throughout the body.

Raw plant fats do not clog the blood with red blood cell and platelet aggregation as cooked fats do. Long-time raw-food nutritionist, Ross Horne of Australia, tells us in his wonderful book Improving On Pritikin: "To prove that the fat of avocados did not cause excessive levels of triglycerides in the blood and did not cause red cell and platelet aggregation and blood viscosity when the avocado was eaten raw, I had blood tests done which clearly demonstrated this."

Raw plant fats have exactly the opposite effect of cooked fats. Raw plant fats are incredible: they are antioxidants, they insulate the nerves, they protect us from pollution, they moisturize the skin, and they ease digestion by lubricating the delicate mucus lining. There is no evidence that a high raw-fat diet produces anything but outstanding health, especially if it is raw plant fat.

Many people who start into raw diets and vegetarianism think they need protein to fill the empty space left by eliminating animal food; what they need and want is fat. Most people and nutritionists mistake the desire for fat for the desire for protein as they cannot distinguish the difference between the two. Fats are soft, heavy, and full; proteins are hard, abrasive, and empty. Protein will not fill the empty space when you stop eating cooked food.

Vegetarians and vegans typically attempt to fill the space for fat with cooked vegetables. Cooking densifies vegetation and gives the body the illusion of "fullness" and satiation that fat provides. Many non-raw-food vegans and vegetarians I have met, to me, look deficient in raw fat and overloaded on cooked vegetable starch. I have observed that a fat-deficient state coupled with sugar imbalances due to cooked starch can lead non-raw vegans and vegetarians back to animal foods to get fat for its own sake, and to get fat to slow the entry of sugar into the blood. For vegans and vegetarians, I recommend replacing cooked starch with cooked non-starchy vegetables (purple cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, artichoke), transitioning into The Raw-Food Diet, and including significantly more raw plant fat into the diet.

Cooked, densified non-starchy vegetables slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream like fats do. I think Arnold Ehret took advantage of this with his low-fat Mucusless Diet Healing System. His system of eating raw fruits and non-starchy vegetables cooked or raw with almost no fats is excellent for detoxification, but deficient in fat in the long term.

Fats are the bridge which carry you from a cooked-food diet to The Raw-Food Diet. Fats fill that empty space perfectly. They are exactly what the body requires. They satiate hunger.

The most digestible fats come from the oleaginous fruits (oily fruits) such as avocados and Sun-ripened olives. They have a high-water content and a simple structure, making them easy for the body to identify, metabolize, and assimilate.

Those with liver damage, or a weak liver, may need to moderate their intake of raw plant fats significantly when beginning The Sunfood Diet. Nuts may have to be bypassed and avocados and/or blended seeds used instead. You will need to tune into your body, to know when you have eaten more fat than your liver can handle (acne may result from an excessive fat intake). Usually when the liver is working hard and processing raw plant fats, the appetite will shut down.

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