Evolution A Monkeys Perspective Revisited

One day the monkeys played

Amongst the trees, When their fellow appeared From a canopy of leaves.

"There is a rumor about, Have you heard?

It's being touted As the new holy word:

That humans are descended From our noble tribe. The arrogance of this

I can hardly describe.

Our joy and laughing, Our natural bliss, Is something the humans Seem to totally miss.

Our zest for life, Our radiant glow Is this something They can ever know?

They claim they've found The secret design, But the simple word: "species" They cannot define.

Where are the transitions The claims between form? Nature is ever-changing Yet stasis is the norm.

Guesses upon guesses And the ages of rocks, A blind watchmaker run By atomic time clocks.

The theory is so boring And mechanically untrue, Science can't pollute the Earth And understand it too!"

The monkey paused To stretch and yawn Took a deep breath, And continued on:

"Trust in faith and Common sense Have no place In their science.

They don't understand The reality they picture Is but a reflection -Of the thinker.

Divine and regal, Is the grand-ancient world The creation riddle Cannot be unfurled.

Out there is a different place,

Older, greater, deeper by far Than the twinkling of The farthest star.

The harm to the Earth Might be absolved, But her mysteries Will never be solved."

They chewed on fruits In the soft, warm breeze. As a waft of smoke Caused a monkey to sneeze.

"Here they encroach On our paradise Found They'll slash and burn this Place - to the ground.

They don't think Beyond the fringe Of the tiny world They're living in.

They cut then build Another sharp fence, When all they need is Water, leaves, silence.

Materialist obsessions, The Survival of the fit Has turned the Earth Into a fire pit.

And it becomes clear, The deeper one delves. That they've brought this Misery, upon themselves.

Their race is declining Into brutal passions, Of which this theory Is the latest of fashions.

The Earth is weary.

Of misdirection This theory dies first By natural selection."

Into the distance The raindrops poured Pattering the leaves Between each word.

"Fancy theories, Can never express, The ancient dreams Of this old forest.

Those splendid secrets The poetry of facts. Shouldn't lead them to worry But simply relax."

The wise monkey grinned

As he declined some food And all ears turned To hear him conclude:

"Humans are something,

A different breed, And compared to them We have all we need.

You'll never see a monkey

Be hostile or rude, You'll never catch a monkey Cooking her food.

So to answer the charge Of this latest fuss, Tell them humans have descended alright But they haven't descended from us."

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