Empower Your Physiology

In addition to diet, the more exercise and stretching you do, the greater will be your health, and the more you will empower your physiology. Those who are in excellent physical shape are more in tune with their bodies. They have more control over their bodies and, as a result, are better able to control their mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

Fitness and health are not the same. Fitness is the ability to perform athletic feats. Health is a state of overall well-being, excellent digestion, and vibrant aliveness. Many professional athletes have excellent fitness, but poor health. This is why we often see some former athletes end up as physical wrecks after illustrious careers.

Daily exercise and stretching are as essential to excellent health as diet. Exercise and stretching move the lymph fluid and elevate the immune system. Low-impact lymphatic exercises, such as jumping on a trampoline or rebounder, are particularly powerful because they softly exercise each cell against the pull of gravity.

Exercise consists of two elements: endurance and strength. Endurance has to do with inner cleanliness. The less obstructions you carry around inside of you, the greater is your endurance. Strength has to do with overall muscular power. Muscular power is built by consistent yet varied training. I learned years ago to consistently "surprise my muscles" to overcome plateaus.

Stretching consists of two elements: flexibility and alignment. Both are developed and enhanced by yoga.

When you combine raw foods with yoga, you tune into a phenomenal state of being. The Sunfood Diet radically improves your metabolism and the biochemistry of your body. Yoga reforms physiology by the consistent practice of different stretching poses. Yoga helps squeeze toxins out of the tissues, open up tensions, and improve the mechanical functioning of the body. Yoga is about "letting go" to increase flexibility. Yoga will get the spine straight beginning with opening up the hips and sacrum. Practice yoga stretching after sleeping, sitting, or walking. If you have chronic back pain, start looking into yoga and eating more green-leafy vegetables to get your body alkaline (also consider sleeping without a pillow to allow the spine to rest in its natural position).

To achieve your true potential, you must cleanse your body of tension, free your mind of stagnant knowledge, and open your spirit to the physiology of pure excellence.

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