Eating While Traveling

Cucumbers, nuts, seeds for eating and sprouting, dried fruit, celtic sea salt, my all-raw superfood powder Nature's First Food, spiriluna, blue-green algae, and grass powders for chlorophyll and minerals are beneficial to take with you while traveling. You may find that it is easy to be a Sunfoodist while traveling, especially in Europe and Mexico during the summer, because fresh fruit stands are abundant.

Water is another factor while traveling. Airplane travel dehydrates the body as airplane cabin air is extremely dry. Be sure to bring quality water with you while flying.

I once spoke to a Mormon missionary on the phone who had befriended a raw-foodist as they were both working to spread their message in a third-world country. On the phone, the missionary told me that the raw-foodist was known for cooking his water, instead of his food! The lesson I picked up from this conversation was valuable: if you are in a less-developed country with a questionable water supply, boil your water before drinking it to kill any parasites. Water-born parasites are a primary source of illness in less-developed countries.

Consider packing powdered cayenne with you on your travels. Powdered cayenne has been shown to protect against water-borne amoebic dysentery, a common ailment afflicting travelers in less-developed nations. Powdered cinnamon has also been shown to be very effective.

Eating while traveling requires planning ahead. Leverage your mind. You have built within you the intuitive ability to intelligently set goals and think ahead.

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